Foundation Edit ~ My top 2 Favorite Foundations at the moment ~ Charlotte Tilbury and Maybelline

I have not talk foundation in like forever! 
Just want to quickly say/write few words on two foundations I been enjoying lately. 
It's so funny, as I am writing this I am testing/trying out a new drugstore foundation and ... I am liking it a lot you guys. So, yeah just a heads up, that I am not done with foundations yet. \

Anyways. I have two products, one drugstore and one high end. 
Maybelline Super Stay and CT Magic Foundation. 

 * Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation is a new to me. By new I mean I got is roughly few weeks ago and I had enough time to see if I like it and over all how it works with my skin. CT is a luxury makeup brand that recently launch in Sephora.  And with that I want to say Congratulations CT I am so happy for the lunch ! I am so excited to actually touch and play with the products before buying it. It just made my life so much easier. Not gonna lie that I been lusting after CT makeup for a while now. I love reading all the UK blogs and just dream that one day I can build up my collection just like some of them have. 
I was send this foundation along with a eyeshadow quad for a review.  I have not yet played with the palette but the foundation, like I said became a staple in my routine. 

This is a full coverage foundation with demi matte finish.  I used both brush and sponge to apply it. I do prefer a sponge coz it gives more natural not to heavy finish. I like it. Foundation comes in the most beautiful glass bottle with rose gold detailing. It looks so good on my vanity! I am so into the rose gold and marble anything. Just saying :) Once you open the cap you find very nice pump :) I do love foundation with pumps. The texture is on a thick side. But I find it works good with blending sponge as opposed to brush. Like I mention above, sponge gives more natural finish. The only only one part of my face that don;t like this foundation is my nose. Seriously! It looks sooo good everywhere else! I don't know what to do anymore tbh. I tried to put extra primer, extra moisturizer on  my nose and nothing. Anyways it don't matter coz I love the way it looks on me (aside the nose) LOL. I forgot to mention I have in shade 3. I believe 2 would be good as well. Let me get a sample and see :)  
The wear time is pretty good too. I usually apply my makeup early morning 7am, and I start to get oily around 3-4pm. But nothing that blotting paper and powder can't fix. 

So that would be it. I do think this foundation is really good and my combo/oily skin wears it pretty good. 
Price for this baby is $44 and it is available where CT is sold: Sephora, Nordstorm, Beautylish. 

My 2nd go to foundation is a lot more affordable ~ Maybelline Super Stay 24h Foundation in shade .
I picked this one without planning it tbh. I went to CVS, printed my coupons and I for some $$$ off Maybelline. So why not. I already had some extra bucks waiting to be spend. Now, I don't know how other CVS around the country are but my is a total mess. Almost everything is open, swatched and basically garbage. Let me tell you that I been trying to buy Touch of Spice lipsticks for a few years now. Everywhere I go all of the lippies are swatched or broken. I guess I will be ordering from Ulta from now on. Back to foundation. The lady who works there recommend the Super Stay foundation. She was actually wearing it and ummm it didn't look good on her to be honest. But fine I picked it, thinking it would look better on me, and it did. Thank God.

Just like the CT Magic Foundation, this is also a full coverage. Best applied with a blending sponge. I used once a brush and I was looking just like the girl from my CVS. Full coverage and cakey. Sorry but no. Again blending sponge comes to the rescue and makes this foundation apply so nicely, gives really natural finish and covers what ever need to be cover. I like and I been using it on and off for past 6 months at least. Just like the CT, wears nicely though out the day. I notice the shine on my skin around same time as the CT one. I think this one cost around $10-$12 and it is really worth it.

Swatches of the both foundation. Top is Maybelline and the bottom CT Magic Foundation

Just fyi I set both foundation with Peach Perfect Powder and Wet N Wild Photo Focus powder :) 

Did you try any of the mention above? what is your favorite foundation ?


  1. Od dawna planuję wypróbować podkład Maybelline, muszę się wreszcie skusić na buteleczkę!

  2. Fajne te produkty, muszę kiedyś wypróbować ;)

  3. Paleta z HUDY- uwielbiam :)
    Zapraszam do mnie:

  4. They both sound like great products! I have tried a few Charlotte Tilbury pieces, but not the foundation yet! :)

    Hope that you are had a lovely weekend :) We took advantage of the warmth and sunshine by going to the park yesterday :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I only have palette and foundation from CT but really want to pick up few lipsticks

  5. Żadnego z nich nie miałam. Na pewno musiałabym mieć jaśniejsze odcienie, bo ogromny ze mnie bladzioch.

  6. W sumie to chciałabym wypróbować oba podkłady. Ale pewnie Maybelline jako pierwszy:).


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