Game of Thrones inpsired makeup collection by Urban Decay

*purchased by me*

I been holding off this review, because I wanted to get lipstick and eye liners.  They been sold out since launch and I am not sure when they will be back in stock.
I am kinda tired of waiting tbh.But what can I do? Not sure when it will be back in stock,so for now I will show you swatches and write few words on the eye-shadow an highlighter palette. 

As a huge GOT fan I knew I will get this entire collection :) I passed when it was released on UD website,coz girl I need my points either at Sephora or Ulta. Finally managed to grab 3 palettes and highlighter palette at Sephora during VIB Sale. Yes I got 20% off :) Woohoo. 
 If you think why did I buy two palettes? One was for me and one for my bff as her birthday gift :) 

So far this is the best launch this year. The eye shadow palette is definitely the star of the collection. And I am surprised its not sold out yet. Overall the palette is insane! the cover is a zoomed Iron Throne,which is wickedly awesome.

Inside you will find very nicely sized mirror.Also there is a map of Westeros and quote from Dany.

  Underneath the quote, hidden is the replica of Iron Throne.

 This is basically the whole reason I spend $65 on this palette.I got my own Iron Throne :) I can't sit on it but still its all mine! Also in front the throne is another quote, this time from Tyrion Lannister. 
Eye shadow palette itself is hidden in the sleeve.So reminds more of old schools VHS tapes! Who remember those?  I know I know its so bulky and for some the packaging might not make sense but come one its so freaking cool! 

Eye shadow palette contains 20 eye shadow and its divided into three main Houses and another group represents North,Beyond the Wall and White Walkers. 

Lets start from the top: shades that represent Free Folk,White Walkers and Nights Watch - cool and icy shimmers
* Frozen North - deep teal with iridescent micro-shimmer
* Free Folk - metallic silver
* Take The  Black -jet black with blue/silver shimmer
* White Walker - shimmer light blue
* Hardhome -transformer shade, sparkling white

Next is House Stark - it contains smokey mattes and neutral shimmers:
* Weirdwood Leaves - satin deep plum
* The Sight - metallic emerald green, with iridescent micro shimmer
* Nymeria - matte warm terracotta shade
* Winter Is Here - dark brown with iridescent shimmer
* Winterfell - transformer shade,antique gold.   

Next Is House Lannister and Targaryen

Next up House Lannister - mattes an neutral shimmers
* House Lannister - matte peachy shade
* Lannister Red - matte chestnut 
* Red Keep - metallic warm copper
* Casterly Rock- metallic dark bronze
* Kings Landing - transformer shade- pale gold shade

And finally we have House Targaryen - contains jewel toned shimmers:
* Dothraki - metallic gold
* Bend the Knee -  shimmery lilac 
* Stormborn - metallic purple
* House Targaryen -  metallic pale  rose gold
* Bay of Dragons - transformer shade- sparking pink 

 So what do you think so far? This palette, as you can see is shimmer heavy.I like shimmers so it is my cup of tea :) You can create look by group Houses or just mix and match from the entire palette. 
Let me just say that UD eye shadows are one of the best on the market. This palette is totally worth it,if you are the fan of both GOT and UD.If not then would you still buy it? 

On the side note I want makeup brands to do more this sort of collection. You know how fun would be Supernatural collection?or Friends? 
Lets hope!

Now second product I bought was the Mother f Dragons highlighter palette. Palette includes 3 highlighting powders each named after a Dragon form the series:

* Drogon - frosted cooled toned pink
* Viserion - metallic golden nude
* Rhaegal - metallic bronze.

My fair skin can pull out only first 2 shades.Rhaegal can definitely be used as an eye shadow. Aside from beautiful colors can we appreciate the design of the box?The 3D looking dragon scales are wicked! The design is truly breathtaking.

 Inside there is a nicely sized mirror and your three highlighters with dragon egg embossed on top. Powders are finely milled and blend really nice and give beautiful glow on the skin.
This little palette retails for $36.00

What do you think of this collection? will you be buying anything?


  1. Piękne kolory, wykończenia, no i ciekawe opakowanie :)

  2. Druga piątka cieni to coś dla mnie. Piękna ta zieleń :)

  3. Mega zazdroszczę tych cudeniek :D

  4. Robią mega wrażenie, super te kolory!

  5. Mi się bardzo wszystko podoba :) Świetny pomysł :D Chciałabym :)

  6. Paletka cieni ma naprawdę fajną kolorystykę. W niej chyba każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie.

  7. Interesting shades! I love the quality of UD eye shadows :)

  8. Paleta rozświetlaczy znacznie bardziej mi się podoba niż do oczu. Miałam nadzieję, że jej kolorystyka będzie bardziej unikatowa i trochę za mało w niej Gry o tron hehe:D. Jak ci się podobał koniec serialu? Ja jestem mega zawiedziona:(

  9. Oh very cute palettes darling

  10. What a fabulous collection, Monica! The products and packaging look awesome! :) XXX

  11. Jeju! *.* wszystko jest takie piękne, że nie mogę oderwać od tego wzroku <3

  12. Beautiful.

  13. While I've never watched the show I think this is a fun collection - the packaging looks great and I like the shimmery colours! :)

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :)

    Away From Blue


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