Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition 15pc Professional Brush Set Celebrating 15 years of Award Winning Brushes


Just want to share with u my new babies I picked up last week and I came to love so much! and I talking about Sonia Kashuk 15pc Brushes!
I must say it was hard to get them! There were selling like a hot cakes! There were and still are available at Target in stores and online.

the brushes are stunningly beautiful! Deep eggplant handles, gold trim and Sonia's signature, and purple bristles, which are super soft! they do work very well and i really like the softness of the bristles. Feels good when i apply my makeup. I think its a great investment , 15pcs for $40 ! I didn't see any shedding or anything  the bristles are attached good and nothing coming out hehe .

 the set contains:

  • powder brush
  • blusher blush
  • duo fiber buffing brush
  • synthetic angled multipurpose brush
  • contour brush
  • foundation brush
  • concealer brush
  • blending brush
  • crease brush
  • small eyeshadow brush
  • fluffy eyeshadow brush
  • precision pencil brush
  • synthetic angled liner brush 
  • smudge brush
  • spoolie

Did u get yours? 

xoxo Monica


  1. I bought a brush in Sephora and I'm not happy

    1. really i thought sephora brushes are good quality? these are good , but nothing will compare to real techniques tho

  2. Świetna kolekcja pędzli.Pozdrawiam

  3. jejciu <3 jakie cudne pędzle :):) zazdroszczę :/

    1. dzekuje! sa super i dotego bardzooo miekkie
      ! zawesze chcalam pedzle od Soni Kashuk!

  4. wyglądają bardzo ciekawie ☺


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