August Beauty Challenge ~ Too Faced

Day 7th of August Beauty Challenge.

Sorry for the lack of post. I wont be doing all 31 days of this challenge. Some brands I don't own so I wont be posting.
Today I will show you my small Too Faced Collection. As some of you might know, Too Faced is my favorite brand.I do prefer it more then Urban Decay. 
The quality of the products is amazing and well they do get me sold on the PACKAGING! Yes! Their packaging is always flawless and beyond gorgeous. 
My wishlist of Too faced products I want never ends :) I have few sneak peeks of Holiday Collections and Future releases. I will post it at the end. I tell ya , I'm excited! 
Here are my Too Faced Babies :)

1. Chocolate Bare Palette
2. Everything Nice Palette 
3. Joy to the Girls Palette
4. Rock n Roll Palette
5. Natural Eye Palette (old version)
6.Soul Mates Bronzer Carrie and Big
7. Sweetheart Blushes : Peach Beach and Candy Glow
8. better the Sex mascara ( sample size)
9. Sun Bunny Bronzing Powder + tine kabuki brush
10. Glamorous Glosses :Flirt, this is pretty.

Sneak Peeks Of upcoming Collections. Picture source TrendMood1 

Collaboration with Vegas Nay ~ Star Dust Palette 
Available on and 8/23/2015
Ulta stores September.

Sneak Peek of New Chocolate Bar! Chocolate Bon Bons Palette! The Pans are Heart Shaped. Plus Look New Melted Lipsticks! and they are chocolate /nude shades! 

Christmas in Paris Collection.
Pink available at Sephora September-October
Green available at Ulta  September - October 

Cute sets!
4pcs Mini Melted Lipsticks ( similar to last year one ) $25
Set: 3 Melted Lipsticks and 3 Blushes ~ $35 


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