MAC x Mariah Carey " All I want " Lipstick

All I want for Christmas is Mariah Carey MAC lipstick :)
Mariah Carey collaborate with MAC Cosmetics to bring us gorgeous lipstick for Holidays. 

'All I want' is described as a champagne shimmer. It have a frost finish. Yes it sparkly :) Looks like a warm metallic peachy shade. I tell you at front, this is not the kind of lipstick I go for. I stay away form all frosts. But it is a limited edition and well I need to have it. Although I am kind of disappointed with the packaging. Wish MAC could make something more then put her in plain black MAC tube :( .  But oh well. 
I tried on me and it a straight on shimmer. I guess if i layer it with a lip liner I can make it work. 
I do have one frost lipstick and it is form Alluring Aquatic collection in  shade 'Pet me Please'. I did actually wore Pet me Please few times layer with shimmery lip gloss. Yeah,I did that.In summer you can do it all and get away with it hahaha! I swatch them alongside on the back of my hand so you can see how they both look.

And now question of the day : DID you get yours ? 

'All I want' and 'Pet me Please'


  1. Ja lubię takie jak ta od Mariah Carey, poza tym czasem nawet mogę jej posłuchać :D

    happy new year from Greece

  3. O rany cudowne są! Brałabym obie :)


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