What I got for Christmas 2015.

I saw this post on many blogs and since I love to read and see what other got for Christmas, I decided to show off my Christmas goodies. 
Our Christmas was fun. We  open our gift on 25th and it is always so much fun, especially for my daughter. This year I got lots of makeup and gift cards. Some makeup products I can finally cross off my wishlist, YaY!
But Sssshhhhhh some of the gifts I bought it myself. Because I like to spoil myself once in a while...

Hubby stepped out his game and finally bought me gift I always wanted ~ Urban Decay Naked 3 and YSL Rouge Valupte Lipstick. I think he could't hear me anymore complaining that I want Naked 3 and one of the YSL lippies in a pretty gold packaging. ( sorry no pic of the lippie)

My mom send me $$$ so I went ahead and grabbed Tarte Cosmetics Limited Edition Eye lash Curler. Which of course I don't have a picture of. You can see it above in a makeup mess photo.

And form my co worker I got Kat Von D LoLLITA set and Too Faced Melted Set.

And of course form Snow I got SVEN ! my new blogging buddy! I was happy like a kid! LOL. Sophia got Olaf and I got Sven :) Now Sven is blogging with me everyday. He will be my inspiration for future blog posts and he will make sure I post more often then I did before.

Aminar (hubbys cousin) gave Colourpop! Love Colourpop ;) I got Frida Lippie Stick, Super shock eye shadow  'Squin' ,Blush 'Between the Sheets' and Highlight 'Lunch Money'.

As for me I found few gems at Nordstorm Rack:
Michael Kors Nail Lacquers ~ I wanted to get all the colors. There were only 5 in a bin but I got only 4 ;( , girl before me grabbed this gorgeous purple !!!! Ughhhhhh! makes me wanna cry!
NARS Lip and Nail Set ~ I actually wanted to get dual intensity eyeshadow palette, but all were shattered and broken ;( Sad that people don't care and treat makeup like this. All eye shadow palettes were broken :( I only got this set. I will do a separate post later on it and show you guys swatches :)

At Sephora I grabbed Urban Decay Vice 4 palette for only $39!!!! And after Christmas with my gift cards I went to Sephora again and bought New Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette and Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette. 
And the biggest gift will soon come. I will order a vanity and Alex 9 drawer for my babies! Cant wait ! I have so much makeup that gets out of control. 

Hugs! ~ MONICA


  1. Ile wspaniałości!!! Miłego używania ;)

  2. Te kosmetyki są cudowne... Nie mogę oderwać oczu... Chciałabym przynajmniej połowę. *.*

  3. Również skusiłam się na czekoladową paletę od Too Faced, ale była to Chocolate Bar ;) Ile cudowności!

  4. Your goodies impressed me much!Naprawdę nieżle się obłowiłaś :D

  5. wow, super prezenty! lakiery MK ciekawią mnie najbardziej, mam nadzieję, że niebawem je pokażesz bliżej ;)

  6. WOW! You got tons!! It is all amazing and beautiful!


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