Palladio Beauty ~ Metal Crushed Eyeshadows ~ Swatches + Review

* PR Sample*

Palladio Beauty is renowned for its line of color cosmetics enriched with herbs and vitamins.
Fashioned for women of all skin types, Palladio helps you look radiant while helping protect your skin from the signs of aging. Among the ingredients used in Palladio products are antioxidants such as Ginseng, Green Tea, Gingko Biloba, Vitamin E, and skin smoothers such as Chamomile and Aloe Vera. Palladio is sold in over 40 countries. 

I be honest I been eyeing them forever! First I saw one in TaraBabyz video on Youtube and I screamed I need it!!!! LOL!
They are plain gorgeous! I have 5 colors to share with you today. If you like glitter, stand out eyeshadows well these are for you. They are cream based formula with super intense foil, metallic finish.  
Some are more pigmented then others. And some contain glitter. 
They all come in a small, round acrylic packaging. With a clear lid so you can see the shade. The "Palladio Crushed Metallic Shadow" is printed all over the lid with white ink. 

Now the colors I have :

* Light Year ~ beautiful, metallic peach. Perfect as all over lid shade. 
* Eclipse ~ gorgeous golden bronze shade.Very pigmented and opaque. Love this one!
* Nubella ~ beautiful purple. Don't contain any glitter. Very pigmented. Love purples.
* Zenon ~ Lime green shade with glitter in it. The texture is more chunkier and it don't show opaque. Less pigmented then others. Contain gold glitter. 
* Blue Moon ~ gorgeous blue. Contain silver glitter. Again the texture is chunkier but the color is really opaque. 

Overall I like them. I will have to pick up the rest to complete my collection. I was not fan of 'Zenon' the color look gorgeous in the pan  don't get me wrong, but it was lacking the pigmentation. 
'Eclipse' and 'Blue Moon' are my favorites. The pigmentation on 'Eclipse' is amazing and ' Blue Moon' Is just soooo gorgeous, even with that glitter. 
The best way in my opinion to apply them is using your fingers or sponge brush. 

you can get them at Palladio Website ( $6.00 ) Sally's Beauty Supply and Ulta. 
$6.99 each.  Available in 12 shades. 


  1. Hi dear Monica! I never heard of this brand. Thanks for sharing your experience :-)

  2. I found that one of online shops sells Palladio and ordered their contour stick. I think It's pretty amazing !! Great post, love the colours x


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