Yankee Candle ~ Lemon Lavender

Hi Loves!

Ok I have to admit I am a candle junkie :) Love candles , guess like any other girl. Love burning them, especially Fall/Winter  time, feels so comforting. Yes, I know we are in spring already :) But, come on I bet ya you to burn candles this time too :) Right?!
I was so happy to see that my favorite shopping destination website carry large selection of Yankee Candles. Yes, you guess! I am talking about FragranceNet.com.  Yankee Candles been on my wishlist for a quite some time. I actually never find them around me.  I actually I did find few but... Once in Marshall's I found one that I really wanted but it was broken, second time I saw few in Kohl's but the price scared me off. Oh Yeah they are pricey :( but dont worry FragranceNet.com have your back :)
So while browsing their candle section I found YC and omg I right away picked Lemon Lavender, coz I love both scents. And they were cheap! $17 for a huge jar of pure freshness! 

OMG the candle smells amazing! Blend of citrus and lavender flower. Clean and relaxing.  After pulling out the lid you can smell goodness of lemon. Lemon is the main note in this whole combo. Lavender comes in second. While burning candle smells sweet and floral. I really been enjoying this scent. Both notes work great together. This is such a perfect scent for Spring and Summer :) 
I like to burn it after I clean my apartment, then it feels clean and fresh. And I can sit down read a book or watch a show. Also even after you stop burning, you can still smell it for hours to come. 
Definitely recommend to check them out!

You can purchase it here ----> YC Lemon Lavender Candle .
Price $16.79


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