Thierry Mugler " Alien" is it worth the hype?

Hi Loves,

Let's talk about a perfume that are basically everywhere. I swear everywhere I turn I see them, I hear girls talking about it and saying how much they love them . 
Thierry Mugler- Alien perfume is it really worth the hype around them ? Let's see.
This perfume been around for years ( lunched in 2005, yes I did my research), and why am I hearing of them now? no cross that, why am I getting them now?!? I should have own them years ago!
I know my hubby's cousin she love them! She said that Alien is her all time Fave! and she can not wear anything else. I actually bump into them at Sephora month ago. It wasn't the love at first scent, tho. I was walking around with a paper that I spray and just smelling. It was strong that all I could say. Then I put it in my pocket and went home.

Now as soonest I came home, Snow smelled them! hahah! she asked me why I smell like Alien ? Yeah sounds weird huh? I pulled out the paper and OMG they smelled even better! Woody-musky scent yes baby I am hooked! Plus all the time you can smell Jasmine. This perfume is nothing like any other . It can be consider manly and overpowering and I agree, but they are wonderful!
It opens up with a very strong note of Jasmine. Later Jasmine makes space for Cashmeran, which gives to Alien this woody-musky, earth scent. The dry down is my fave. Woody-Vanilla with noticeable notes of Jasmine. As you can tell Jasmine is the main note. SO if you don't like jasmine , you will not like Alien.

Now can we talk about the bottle for a second? How freaking cool it is? Reminds me of a amethyst or even outer space object.
But the longer I look at the bottle it reminds me of Princess Amethyst of Gemworld ( DC Comics Superhero). This perfume would suit her really well! since she is from different planet, that makes her an alien right :) And her name is Amethyst and amethyst is purple, so there you go :)

Yup, as you read it all the hype is real.I am obsessed with Alien. Alien is unique and different. Alien is spectacular. And I freaking love it!
Now I am off to listen some Alien songs :) Katy Perry "E.T" coz Thierry Mugler Alien it is hypnotizing and totally different dimension.
But you can get it locally at :)
Price: $50.99( with 25%off coupon)

Top: Sambac Jasmine
Heart: Cashmere Woods
Base: White Amber


  1. Ciekawa jestem tego zapachu, sporo o nim słyszałam :)

    Kochana poklikałabyś w linki w najnowszym poście ?

  2. To jest ten zapach, który lubię na kimś innym (moja mama). Sama wolałam wersje letnią, czyli Alien Eau Extraordinaire.

  3. I like this perfume too I love woody scents! great review =)

  4. Love this perfume! Nice nail polish!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  5. Absolutely wonderful!

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  6. Mialam próbkę i pachniała nieziemsko - teraz mi ochoty na ten zapach narobiłaś, albo po prostu przypomniałaś mi o nim ;)


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