Michael Todd beauty Soniclear Petite Deluxe ~ review

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hi loves!
can I introduce you all to my new BFF? Say hello to my new face device :) 
I received my Soniclear Petite form Michael Todd Beauty around a week ago and I been using it daily. And guess what?! I Love it!
Clean skin is very important, especially for me since I tend to play in 'makeup playground' a lot.  After first two uses,  my co-worker asked me what kind off foundation I am wearing today? ummm same as yesterday, I told her. She is still looking at me and say that there is something different about me. She said that my face looks better then when it did on Friday when she last saw me. I told her it is not foundation it might be my new Soniclear, which I been using for past two days. Two days wow and you can already see the difference. NICE! It is amazing!

My Soniclear Petite Deluxe set includes 6 pieces:


I do have acne and sensitive skin. So I was afraid that the brush might be a bit to harsh on my skin but it wasn't. The brush is soft and gentle and it didn't irritate me at all. The head don't spin but it vibrates. Cleanse all the dirt and leftover makeup away with ease. Soniclear is a sonic skin cleansing brush with build in antimicrobial protection against stain, odor causing bacteria. Sonic cleansing can create a breeding ground for microbial contamination when skin cells, makeup and moisture residue combine with bacteria that cling to the brush bristles between cleansing. It also means that you don't have to replace head as often as with other similar devices. They recommend changing every 6 months.
There are also 3 cleaning speeds that you can adjust to your preference (Low, Medium, High).  
another great thing is that once you start washing your face, it will beep every 20 seconds to tell you to move to other part of your face. I fin this really helpful! 

Now the charging part. I say read instruction first :)  It was bit difficult to figure out for me LOL and it is so easy! If you have MIA you can notice that the charging is almost same. I said almost ... well there is same attaching charger that just cling to your device ( see pictures below) but it also comes with a charging stand. you can slide the charger in and leave you Soniclear upright until finish charging and even after. I keep my upright all the time. The charging cord is universal. It ends with an USB and you can plug it in any charger. So with that said if you travel to other country and thy have different outlet, you just don't have to worry. Plug into anything that USB fits. Which will works so good for me, coz next time I go back to my country I can bring my Soniclear with me :) and I can also bring more as a gifts!  Michael Todd Beauty thanks for making life and charging easier! :)

Michael Todd Beauty Cleaning Milk ~ it comes with a device. I actually like it. Works well and smells nice. Didn't feel sticky or greasy. Its hydrating and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft to touch. the only thing I don't like it the really runny formula. When I leave it upright and once I open it  just spills.... :( what a waste of product :( 

Michael Todd Beauty have nice selection of Soniclear and other devices.
check their website to see more. 

price $ 109 


  1. Marzy mi się taka szczoteczka do oczyszczania skóry :)

  2. mam taką od remingtona i ją wielbię;D

  3. I really want to try something like this!!


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