Palladio Beauty ~ Rice Paper

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H Loves!
 Can we talk about my must have product? I was actually the most excited about it. 
And well I am talking about a Blotting paper. Yes! You read that right.

Blotting papers are my must haves! My skin is oily and I get really shiny during the day. 
I always carry oil absorbing tissues with me , always.I also make sure I have backups at home.

Palladio rice paper comes in package of 40 sheets. the tissue is really big too!
They have it available in 3 shades:
* Translucent ( no color)
* Beige ~ great for light skin gals
* Warm Beige ~  for dark skin gals.

let me tell you that this tissue is a bit different then your regular one. 
First off it comes with two sides. One side have a famous rice powder on and the other side have nothing, it is matte. 
On the box it will tell you to fist use the matte side and "mop" all of the excess oil form your face and then follow up with the powder side for touch-ups. 
And this the way I use my. I am really impressed with it One sheet gets the job done. With other oil absorbing tissues I had to use at least 3 to mattify my face. Tissue removes oil and shine with out me looking cakey. My makeup stays in place too!

Again I am pleasantly surprised with Palladio! Great Product

You can get it form Palladio Website, Ricky's NYC, ULTA and Sally's.
Price: $4 (40 sheets )


  1. Widziałam je kiedyś w jakimś polskim sklepie internetowym :)

  2. I've used these in the past and they work well!

    Nice review!


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