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Hi Loves!

Got some new hair care products that I want to talk about :) Love trying out new hair care products and see how my reacts to it. So far they don't complain :) 
In the mail I received three new hair care products and I really been linking all of them. 

Madam C.J Walker Beauty Culture 

Sephora exclusively launched Madam C.J Walker Beauty Culture hair care line, inspired by her legacy. Madam C.J Walker is an beauty icon when it comes to black women and their hair. This Southern woman become first first American female self-made millionaire. 
Hair products are nourishing and focusing on health and intercity of hair.  
The line feature four collections: Three for styling and one for treatment ~ total of 25 products. 
Each are loaded with antioxidants and dual oil encapsulation technology that smooths strands, ward of humidity,define curls and more, without hair feeling heavy and greasy.  

Dream Come True Wonderful Scalp Exfoliator ~ this universal collection is suitable for all hair types and includes intensive reparative treatments to repair, rebuild and hydrate scalp and strands. 
Before washing hair massage  this into the scalp  using fingertips and let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse and follow with a shampoo and conditioner. This treatment supposed to removes all buildup and fakes form the scalp. And does it really work? I believe it does! 
I actually have a dry skin/flakes right on my hair line - Forehead. Especially on the right side I notice a white flakes that I could get rid off! Shampooing didn't help. And if I scratched it, it would just fall down in white snow ... you know what I mean? That is the reason I wanted to try this Wonderful Scalp Exfoliator and see if it can help me remove the flakes. After first I notice them gone... but not all. So after third time I can say I'm free of those white flakes! Woohoo. My scalp also feels better. Less itchy, hence the flakes are gone  :) 
Now this product costs $32 for 4oz/118ml
. And I feel after these 3 times I am running really low. My hair is long and I guess my head is big LOL ! I used a lot of product so for three/four times to spend $32 is no no for me. I guess if you have less hair (shorter hair) it might last you for longer, or maybe I put to much ?  Anyways I do like the product, it did help me with the flakes but just the price point is way to much for me to spend (now ..maybe later I can who knows). 
If you have scalp problem try this one out :) Did I mention that it smells amazing?  It does have a notes of warm vanilla and white flower. It really smells delightful.
Available at Sephora 

Frizz Fighting Coconut and Moringa Oils Curl Refresher Mist ~  in between washes hair needs a boost of moisture to maintain frizz-free. This mist revive flat waves and curls with moisture form refreshing, shine boosting mist. Dual Encapsulation Technology ensures frizz-free finish as tiny microspheres deliver moisturizing Coconut Oil and humid blocking moringa Oil, right where you hair needs it most. 
I been really enjoying this mist. I kept my hair curly for a week just to see how it would work. I sprayed it on third day and I my co worked notice .... shine! Actually my UPS guy asked me what did I do to my hair ? I asked him what did he mean by that ? He said that they look shiny! ooooo Yes that's the new refresher mist i been trying out! wow so I guess it works! 
After third and fourth day I sprayed evenly on my hair and run my fingers threw to separate curls and make them look more presentable. Another thing I notice was less frizz. Hurray! If you are in NYC you know the humidity and OMG my hair hates it! this little guy helped me out a lot! Now I want to try it on my straight hair and see if it can keep frizz on bay :) Again the scent is amazing! It contains notes of Coconut, Sweet Vanilla and Woods. once you spray it last on your hair all day long. Well it does on my :)
Price : $26 for 8floz/237ml. ( available at Sephora )

All Madam C.J Walker are cruelty free and formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates. 

White Sands Texture Smudge Creme ~ just look how cool looking product this is. This water-based styling and finishing product. Perfect on wet and dry hair. It can be use to texture or straighten hair.  I used it both ways for straightening and it help me with my curls as well. At first I was scared of the intense color but no worries once you apply to hair it is colorless. Since its water based it really lightweight and it wont make your hair flat looking or greasy. I personally prefer it for styling. I put a small amount of creme on my hand, rub them together and style my curls (I do it on a damp hair) and then let it air dry. It did control frizz a bit as well. Overall this product is good. I prefer to use it on curls then my straight hair though.
It can be purchase on  White Sands Website
Price $16

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