Madam CJ Walker Brassica Seed, Jamaican Black Castor and Coconut Hair Oils

You know my love for Madam CJ Walker hair products. I really like them and they do work great on my hair.
Recently I got to try hair oils. 
Now I love hair oils, they are my staple in my hair care. Not all of them are good tho. Some make you hair really greasy and weight them down. But these by Madam CJ Walker are simply great. 
I love how my hair feels after and most f all they smell amazing.

Brassica Seed Oil

An Alternative to silicone, Brassica Seed Oil smooths, silken and moisturize while adding incredible shine. Contains notes of spun sugar and red velvet. Or let just say it smells like marshmallows ;) Really lightweight and don't weight-down my hair. It hydrates and softens heat styled hair. Adds incredible shine and luster. Refreshes hair with sweet scent. Guys i love scent of this oil. If you have ARI by Ariana Grande this smells exactly same. This one is my go to oil. I been using it the most and God I love it. 

Coconut Oil

Deeply nourishes hair, fast absorbing and lightweight. It softens hair and adds shine to it. The best of all fight frizz. And yes my hair gets frizzy. So yeah if your hair gets frizzy all the time try this oil. Plus coconut oil is very popular as well as it benefit. 
I been putting this oil in my daughter hair and she loves the combo of coconut and vanilla scent. Her hair gets silky soft and shiny. She loves and so do I. 

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

this one is great to hydrate dry curs and scalp. Smells amazing , lovely notes of amber and musk make great and yummy composition.It hydrates, helps hair to grow, add shine and scent to hair. I admit I used this one once. I have t give it more love soon. 

All Oils are amazing. If you fan of adding oil to you hair make sure to give a try to Madam CJ Walker Oils. They are in my top 5 of the best oils I ever used on my hair.  I always use them after styling my hair. Add to few pumps of oil to your hand, rub them together and work them into you hair. you can see ad feel difference right away. Hair gets softer, silky smooth and shiny. They do look more healthy and omg smells amazing. 

You can purchase it at Sephora, QVC
price $26 each. 


  1. U nas w Polsce chyba tego nie ma :(

  2. I have never heard of this brand before, but the packaging looks so cute, sounds like an interesting product. Happy weekend, doll.

  3. Lovely product my dear for me a news
    Kisses for you

  4. Nie miałam okazji ich testować ale opakowania mają fajne ;)

  5. These products sound really nice and I love the packaging! Would love to try them :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes


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