Swatches of new Maybelline 24k Nudes Eye shadow palette

When you see a new Maybelline display with new products you get them girl! 
I was actually debating should I or not grab the new 24K palette. I have other Maybelline palettes and they are ok. Nothing really special. With no offence Cover Girl Palettes are way better. But here we are reading of Spring 2017 24k Nude palette.

First off I read that Maybelline reformulated all palettes including this one. When I look at it I see that the shadows might be better, they do have the buttery look to it. 
I actually like the color selection in this palette. 12 jewel tone shadows and they are gorgeous :) btw I can't wait to grab new jewel tone Cover Girl palette! Did you see it? A IG friend form Canada posted on her ig and blog. So yeah I am excited. 
Now let get back to 24k Nude palette.  I am so off topic today. Don't judge this is my 4th blog post I am writing today. 

palette packaging is same as the other ones. And like Blushes Nudes the outer packaging is different, This one is more of tarnish gold I would say. 
On the back we have suggestion on different looks and ingredient list. 
Clear lid so you can see shades inside. Wish there was a mirror tho. It also comes with sponge applicator. 

Now the shadows :) I love the colors and how they all look inside of the palette. We have mattes, shimmers and satin. 
They do feel more buttery then previous ones. I feel like they will applies better with a sponge applicator or finger (more intense) and over a primer! make sure you use primer for better color pay off and longer lasting..  

Another thing this palette will work better if paired with others. The colors are either light or too dark. They are really dark and they all look almost same. 

Overall this is not a bad palette. but definitely  better then previous ones. 
I got my at Rite Aid it was on 40% off and i paid less than $7 


  1. Pięknie wygląda, ale odcienie kompletnie nie dla mnie ;)

  2. Odcienie dla mnie :) uwielbiam nude, ożywione złotem etc. Z Maybelline jednak boję się produktów do oczu, bo tusze mnie podrażniały...

  3. Ale śliczne kolorki, idealne dla mnie, uwielbiam takie <3

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  5. I've heard so many good things about this palette. I need to get my hands on one.

  6. I have been loving palettes with shimmery shades lately and the swatches of this one are really pretty! And great value too! x


  7. I haven't heard much good things about Maybelline's eyeshadows, so I will pass on this :(
    Ela |

  8. Bardzo ładne i stonowane kolory są na tej palecie.

  9. Podobają mi się te cienie- moje kolory :)

  10. It looks so pretty on the picture !!! But once I see swatches you are right I feel like I can't do a whole look with only this palette


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