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NARS is one of the brands that I want to look more into this up coming year. I own few products but I want more. I see on IG some girls have a beautiful and huge collections of NARS products. I want it too. You can be a makeup junkie without NARS in you collection. 

So I decide to start my NARS  collection with a big bang! I bought two new blush palettes form Spring 2017 collection. Well, I was supposed to get only one but I couldn't decide which I like more so $120 later I am a proud owner of two gorgeous palettes :) 

Each blush palette includes 6 powder blushes. 5 limited edition shades and one re promote.  both come in sturdy packaging with mirrored surface. I actually like the packaging a lot. One is red and second one is pink. 

| from top to bottom : Watch Me, Me First, Takeover, Out There, Chic, Exhibit A)

Unfiltered I is more warmer and suitable for darker skin tones. But come on I had to have it coz of Exhibit A blush :) I know I can get it anytime but it just look fabulous in the palette and well other blushes are just as stunning. "Watch Me" is a gorgeous highlight! Ah cant wait to use it.

Unfiltered II is cooler and  suitable for lighter skin tones (hence Me :) ) this one have lovely pinky and mauve shades. I am not a pink blush kinda gal but damn this palette is gorgeous. 

| From top to Bottom: Conquest, Undefeated, Power Play, Hot Sand, Fame, Candid

I actually cant tell you which I like more. Both have pretty and unique shades. Both are simply stunning. So if you have a founds get both if not choose the one that will suit you better :) 
palettes are available at Sephora and NARS website ( $59 each)


  1. Tym razem zupełnie nie moja bajka ;)

  2. jejku kocham kosmetyki nasa <3 piękne - Zapraszam <3 Jeśli Ci się spodoba - zaobserwuj :* Na pewno się odwdzięczę :)

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  4. Oh I've been eyeing Unfiltered I, as the colors are gorgeous and suit my skin tone better!


  5. To be honest, I just want to be able to try Orgasm! It's such a classic!
    Ela |

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