OPI Infinite Shine "Linger Over Coffee" and Infinite Shine Fiji Collection "Do You Sea What I Sea" swatches and review

*pr sample*

Hello to another nail post :) This time I will show you swatches of my two, new OPI polishes.
New meaning I got them , ummmm like 2 months ago more  or less. 
OPI polishes are amazing. They are the ones that last the longest on my nails. The new Infinite Shine formula with the primer and top coat stays put up to 2 weeks. win win for me! I said it many times already I love nail polishes. over all love painting my nails and changing colors every other day. Coz why not!? 

My two new colors that joined OPI family are simply gorgeous!

First super pretty summer blue is from FIJI collection, in the shade "Do You Sea What I Sea?".
Fiji collection is inspired by Fiji Island, it embrace color and  captures the essence of the lush, unspoiled terrain ~ evoking an emotional response and offering a spiritual connection to the environment.  there is 12 shades in a collection and all are available in Gel Color, Infinite Shine and Nail Lacquer formulas. 

I have my in Infinite Shine. Do you sea what I sea is the most beautiful blue ever! I don't own anything like this color. Is perfect for spring and summer but also I can see my self wearing it in winter. The formula is sheer, you need at least 2-3 coats for the color to be opaque. It goes on even without streaks.  It is really shimmery! It have a purple-blue shift. I adore this color! I had it on for about 10 days when it started to chip. Not bad! I used both base and top coat. Right now my toes rock this color and I love it! cant wait to pull out my flip floops and show it off!

second OPI polish is  "linger over coffee", also Infinite shine formula.ah again this color is breathtaking. I say perfect for like end of summer and beginning of Fall. Pretty , warm brown with pale pink undertones. It might not be everyone cup o tea.. or coffee. I personally love darker nails. I don't own much browns so I am happy that this one joined my collection. 
This one wore around 6-7 days before start to chip. I didn't use base or top coat with it. 

Do you guys like OPI polishes?
 Do you have a favorite?

*disclaimer ": both shades were send to me from #octolyfamily for #honestreview #gifted. Opinion is my own.


  1. Linger Over Coffee cudny! Bardzo w moim guście, chętnie sięgnęłabym po hybrydę w podobnym odcieniu :D

  2. Ten pierwszy cudny! Ja mam tylko kilka lakierów tej marki ale lubię


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