Sunday Riley U.F.O face oil and Martian Toner ~ new in my skin care

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Hi beauties!

This post been long coming. it was supposed to be up last month, but because of my chaotic schedule I had to postpone it. 

I love good skin care and Sunday Riley is one of the best I tried so far. Their two otherworldly products UFO and Martian became my favorites! 
The Martian Toner I owned before in a sample size (100pts Sephora perk) and I fell in love with the first application. later, when i received a full size product form Sunday Riley I was so happy! 
I was send both UFO Oil and Martian toner that targets oily/acne skin concerns. 
As a not so proud owner of a oily skin, both products were lifesavers.

Martian Mattifying  Melting Water Gel Toner , gosh thats a one long name! I call it Martian Toner
:) simple and easy hehehe. As I mention before I got a sample size at Sephora a while back. Sunday Riley was the skin care brand that was praised by bloggers all over the world. I stumbled upon so many blog posts and read so many great reviews on their products. When I saw it Martian toner at 100pts sephora perk I decided to get it. First off I wanted to see if the hype was real, coz let e honest the price point is rather high! And I am that kind of person who don't like to purchase a cosmetics or any other product and than return it. Anyways , back to the toner. I was actually sold on word mattifying. For us oily skin people mattifying is important :) We don't want to look like a grease ball right? This toner is not like any other toner I used before. It have a unique gel to water formula.  
What I mean by that is that it comes out in a gel formula and once you massage in the skin it changes to water and it sinks fast. It have a cooling effect and mattifies instantly. It can be used morning and night. I personally prefer morning. It creates a great base for foundation and it keeps my skin matte throughout the day.  Available here $55 (4.4oz)

Key ingredients :
* Bendonite Clay ~ mattify and reduce size of pores
* Marshmallow extract ~ reduce redness and soothe irritation
* Cucumber and Witch Hazel ~ tone and tighten
* Manuka Leaf Oil ~ natural antibacterial properties that help fights breakouts

U.F.O that stands for Ultra Clarifying Face Oil, ok so I became on facial oil junkie, thanks to Jamey! She is my inspiration. I can read her blog on skin care and look through her IG page all day. She is the one who got me more into skin care. 
I was a bit skeptical to oils at first. Come on I have an oily skin and why on earth would I put more oil on? Well some oils work wonders and they help to balance the skin :) Just like this one . UFO oil I simply adore you. This oil is meant to fight acne, breakouts and blackheads. It has 1.5% salicylic acid, tea tree oil and black cumin seed oil to help fights acne with out over drying It also have licorice root and hexyresrcinol, both natural ingredients to brighten a dull skin. 
Oil have a thick consistency and have a very pleasant herbal scent. And you guys its green! Now i get the idea with name UFO :) its does look like it came to me form other planet . 
 I prefer using it night time. After cleaning and moisturizing my face I drop few droplets on my palms and massage into the skin. It soaks imminently and leaves my ski hydrated and smooth. After using it for few weeks straight I notice that my face is less greasy in the morning and my pores are smaller :)  Available here $80 (1.18floz/35ml)

thanks to both products I got my acne under control.


  1. the oil sounds amazing! thanks for sharing :)


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