Milani Cosmetics ~ Dolci Bronze Collection

New Milani Summer DOLCI BRONZE Collection is now available. 
So you better get what you want now , they sell out pretty fast :)
Last week I went to Walgreen's to see of the display is up... No luck...
On my way back I stopped by CVS. And  I was shocked to see the display! My CVS never gets any displays ! Never! So yeah  imagine my surprise :)
Unfortunately display was wiped out! only 1 eye shadow , 1 lipstick and 2 nail polishes left ....
I grabbed eye shadow and lipstick. :) Really dying over the lip gloss... Need to hunt it down : )
Love how every shade have the same name :) 

DOLCI Lipstick ~ As you can see the packaging is different then the regular Milani Lipsticks. 
It is a beautiful coppery gold color. Creamy satin finish and very nice pigmentation. Smells is also different then the other permanent lipsticks. This one have a vanilla smell , but when you apply same watermelon taste as other mMilani lipsticks.

DOLCI Bella Eye Shadow ~ The color is beyond beautiful. Metallic finish with some shimmers :) just like a lipstick , coppery gold shade.  Perfect for all over lid. I used i today and I Love it. Applied over Urban Decay Primer Potion , smoked out with a darker brown shade (the otter corner of my eyelids). The look came out beautiful. The shadow did not crease. I used my finger to apply it , to get a better pigmentation out of it. 

TOP Swatch ~ Eye Shadow
BOTTOM Swatch ~ Lipstick

I don't know if they are Limited Edition or not. So if you like it then get it :) Personally I will go look for a lip gloss and the bronzer. Really want both to join my collection :) 
Price : 
Lipstick $6.29
Eye Shadow $4.69


  1. Fajny duecik ;) taki cień na powiece pewnie będzie przepięknie się mienił ;)

  2. Both the eyeshadow and lipstick are so gorgeous, warm and glamorous! The eyeshadow shade is very similar to one I've recently been sent by Mii Cosmetics and oh my gosh.. this lipstick is just perfect! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  3. mi się ten bronzer podoba:)

  4. ciekawe, podoba mi się szczególnie cień

  5. Wow, faktycznie brązujący zestaw :D Nawet pomadka jest :)

  6. piękne ja jestem w nałogu kupowiania bronzerów;)

  7. That eyeshadow is gorgeous! I need it in my life!



  8. Bronzery totalnie nie dla nas :) Jednak kosmetyki prezentują się świetnie :)

  9. What warm, wonderfully pretty shades. I would wear both in a heartbeat - and this reminds me actually, to bust out my more golden hued makeup products now that we're heading into summer. I tend to stick with my usual "face", but summer calls for more glow and gold tones like these deliver them like nothing else.

    Have a beautiful start of June,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. Que coleção linda! e as cores são maravilhosas...
    Beijokas da Camila e Carol

  11. Hi! You have a beautiful blog ❤ I follow you now on GFC! I'll be waiting on you new posts :)

    With love, Nastia Deutsch ❤


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