Osmosis Makeup and Skin Care ~ review

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Hi Loves,

Today I have for you more of amazing Osmosis :)
I did review in the past their eye-shadow palette and a lipstick. Today I have two more makeup products and one skin care :)
Osmosis Colour makeup is bismuth-free, mineral based makeup line that loaded with skin nourishing antioxidants, amino acids and essential proteins, as well as  zinc oxide for build in UV sun protection. the special formulation goes with out the 'heavy look'. Its safe for acne and sensitive skin people.
Here the links for my previous posts :
Eye Shadow palette 

Lets start with 2 reaming makeup products I have for you :)

 Osmosis Colour Blush "Pink Pearl" ~ such a pretty pink blush :) warm pink that gives enough flush to your cheeks :) Feels really soft when you swatch :) applies and blends really nice :) In the pan looks like it might be peachy but once you swatch it is pink with some peachy undertones :)to compare I swatch it next to MAC 'Peachykeen" and NARS "Orgasm" which both are more peachy. The finish of this blush is satin. I really love the packaging :) Clear lid, so you can see the product :) I swear when I look at it it reminds me of NARS Orgasm blush ... As i said before Osmosis uses mineral pigments that are safe for us. There is 9 colors to choose from :)
You can get it form here ----> Blush Pink Pearl.
Price :  $27

Osmosis Mineral Pressed Base "Natural Light" ~ provides a semi-matte finish with long lasting coverage. I been really enjoying this pressed foundation. It covers really nice and with out looking heavy on my face. It looks flawless. I actually afraid that the color I got would not match me ... It is hard to choose when you cant swatch and see which is for you. I like to use it alone or on top of BB creams :) Works great on my oily skin :) Again the packaging :) Love it. Sturdy and feels really luxurious. It have a mirror and it is refillable :) So once you are done you, pop the old one out and insert new one :) So eco friendly! don't you think ?
You can get it here ---> Pressed Base
Price : $38

Now the only skin product I own form Osmosis SKIN Care

Osmosis Calm level 2 Vitamin A Serum ~ This is such a great product for sensitive skin!  It encourages the skin to calm inflammation, restore the protective barrier, increase skin nutrients and immune repair, rebuild the thin dermis, normalize oil, hydrate, firm and protects skin form UV rays.
This serum can be uses twice a day. Morning and Night. I use only nighttime. After I am done with my skin routine, I apply it last. Now you have to blend it well into your skin. It does have a yellowish color and int the morning you can see dried yellow product on your skin. When I blend it feels rather sticky. I have to wait till it dries up completely before I go to bed. The scent is rather strong. I did dislike at the beginning but now I can cope with it :) you get used to it once you use it quite often.
I don't have much of a redness on my skin, what ever  I had before using serum its long gone. Skin feels calm, I also notice that it gets less oily. Didn't break me out or nor I see any irritation. So far so good :) I will continue using it :)
I do recommend for all of you who fights with acne and redness to try this one out! I am 100% sure it will help you :)
You can get it here ----> Calm level 2 Vitamin A Serum 
Price : $78


  1. I've never heard about this brand. Yhanks for sharing x

  2. Wcześniej nie słyszałam o tych kosmetykach, ale zaciekawiły mnie ;) Róże są cudowne ;)


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