Glam Princess by Vera Wang ~ New favorite Perfume

My newest purchase Glam Princess By Vera Wang. Truly Glam :) I already own Rock Princess, which I talk more about here. 
Compared to Rock Princess, Glam Princess is sweeter and more day time. Rock princess is more of a night scent. 
Anyways I am a big fun of Vera's Princess Fragrances and cant wait to add more to my collection. I don't know about you but I love perfumes. 
Glam Princess is 4th Princess released in Princess collection. She is sweet and adorable. I actually am not a fan of sweet perfumes but she reminds me a bit of Ari, you know that sweet marshmallow note :) but it is not as sweet as Ari.  It is crispier and have a freshest of fruits in it. 

Top Notes: Crushed Red Berries, Guava, Sparkling Pear
Heart Notes: Orange Blossom. Vanilla Orchid
Base Notes: Ambrette, Marshmallow, Cashmere Woods

The scent is amazing. I been really enjoying it. Not overpowering.As soonest you spay it opens with burst so sparkling fruits.The  dry down trail is a mix of cashmere woods and vanilla marshmallow. I just wish the scent would stay a bit longer... I been carrying it with me to reapply :) Call me crazy but men this fragrance is something! 

Now can we talk about bottle? All I can say it is a fairy tale come to life. I have to say this reminds me so of Belle form Beauty and the Best. Right?? Heart shaped bottle is yellow just like a Belle's famous dress. Then we have a gold crown with multicolored gems. Again like with a rock princess once you take a crown off there is a ring that you can wear :) What else I love about the bottle are the pink stars :) and the box itself is a keeper :) Definitely I need to display it.

yes I am a huge fan of this scent. Its glam and magical. This could be a great scent for any teenage girl. It might be a bit to sweet for older ladies but hey I am almost 30 and I am digging it :0

FragrancNet.Com -----> Price: $23.79


  1. Beautiful post my dear! Amazing blog! All the best to you and your blog! NEW POST

  2. Ale śliczny flakonik i w sumie niedrogie perfumy :)

  3. I have wanted to try the Vera Wang Princess in the purple bottle, it smells heavenly! Beautiful photos by the way!


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  5. The bottle is so stinkin cute!


  6. Sounds nice. Lovely pics!


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