MDSolarSciences Mineral Creme SPF50 Sunscreen

*pr sample*

 SPF is a must for me. As a not so proud owner of fair, sensitive skin I should be applying products with SPF all the time. If I don't and then I spend too much time in direct sunlight, my skin gets red, like lobster red and as you can guess that is not a good and not fun at all. One time I forgot to apply it on my back and went out to the beach for less than 30min... can you imagine my skin? It was bad really really bad! form that day forward I been using sunscreen a lot , especially summer time.

For a past few weeks I been using MDSolarSciences Mineral Creme SPF50. This sunscreen is perfect for all skin types. It comes packaged in cute dark pink tube with flip-flop cap. Very easy to squeeze out too :) It comes out as a white creme. Its really lightweight and silicon based. That silicon base one your massage into your skin it feels silky smooth. I really like the feeling of it. Blends really easy and leaves off a matte finish. 
It also contains antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Green Tea, Cranberry fruit and pomegranate extract. That makes it perfect for people with acne/oily/prone skin ( hence - me ). 
I didn't dry nor hydrate. For hydration I suggest you can use some good hydrating SPF moisturizer on top of it. For me I like the way it is. 

Now does it have any scent? No it is fragrance free :) 

I found it it works good as a primer. I been using it under my makeup and I must say it works really good. Holds my makeup in place and on top of that protects my skin from sun rays.  
I almost forgot to mention it is waterproof. If you don't wear makeup and go swimming or towel drying re-apply every 2h. 

There are two thing I don't like about it. 
First it leaves a white cast on the face after it dries. Since I wear makeup I apply either foundation or bb cream to cover it and then I go on with bronzer. Looks much better
The second is the price. This 1.7oz (48g) cost $30! And for my wallet this is a lot. I know you can get your sunscreens at drugstore for less then $15, but are they any good or even comparable to this one? So far I been using Neutrogena Sunscreen and I think I like this one better.   

Mineral Sunscreen can be purchased here.
Price $30

 here is the pic when I received it. how cute it is :)
That green floating thingy :) SO adorable and prefect for your drinks. So stay sun protected and cheers!

Thanks MDSolarSciences!


  1. Ja ostatnio zamiast filtrów używam naturalnych olejków, polecam z pestek malin, ma ochronę SPF 25-30:)


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