Maybelline City Palettes ~ Graffiti Pop ~ swatches and review

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*pr sample*

I have to say I was looking forward to the new Maybelline City Palettes. 
I went yesterday to my local Rite Aid and guess what ?! Yes we finally have the display :)
I also notice few more new launches by Maybelline, that I am thinking of picking it up. 

But now I will show you what Influenster send me :) 
I got accepted in a Maybelline vox box and I got a Mini City Palette is a shade Graffiti Pop.
Now to be honest, if I would go now to pick few palettes, Graffiti Pop would not be on the list. I am eyeing few other ones, that I would like to try first . But... after swatching it, I fell in love :) I mean that blue and purple are just so pretty! plus palette do contain few natural shades, so I am able to create something wearable on my eyes. I really like the two shades on top of the blue one :) Those are my kind of shades :) 

Personally I really like the texture. Soft, creamy and pigmented. Graffiti Pop contains mostly shimmer and satin shades. There is 6 shades in the palettes and it cost $9.99. In my opinion they are better than other maybelline palettes, you know the bigger ones ? I did enjoyed the new 24k gold palette tho, but the others compared to this one were so so. The do retail at the same price but if I had to choose I would definitely purchase the mini'city palettes over the bigger palettes (im sorry but do they have a name? I can't remember). 

I do like the palettes and by the looking at them and seeing swatches online, I think they will be fun to play with. And hoarder in me want them and I think will get them soon :) There are 8 in total :)
Available at Ulta, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens
Price $9.99

*Thanks Influenster and Maybelline for sending me this palettes. Opinion is my own.,


  1. Tym razem kolorki totalnie nie dla mnie ;)

  2. These are great palettes. I love that far right blush color!!

  3. The swatches really sold me on this one!

  4. So pretty!! I got one for myself but it has the coral shades! I def want to grab this one too tho!

    Priyanka |

  5. Oh it's stunning! x I especially love that little pop of blue colour! xx

  6. Oooh I heard about this Maybelline box! It looks amazing! Receiving Influenster boxes are so fun! :)

    xo, Chloe //

  7. Great post! Palette looks fab


  8. Ooo I love the shades in that palette! Do you have Bloglovin?

    Alybell | UK Personal Style and Beauty Blog


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