PIxi Beauty ~ My Winning prize

Not long time ago I entered PIXI Beauty giveaway on Instagram and I Won Woooho . By the way the giveaway still might be going so Check them on Instagram ----> link here.  
You could win two free manis:)
I got notification via email. I Was super excited.
Last week I received two nail polishes and an sample of a black pencil eyeliner :) Since I don't own anything from their brand I was happy to try it out :)  

The two nail polishes I received are new to their line.
 Exotic Emerald  ~ I don't think I own anything like this color. Its beautiful. The most gorgeous green color I ever worn on my nails. Super opaque. One coat is enough :) very true to color. Dries fast and lasted on my nails 4 days :) Keep in mind I do some housework too. So long lasting nail polish is a kinda big deal for me . I don't have time to apply new one every other day ... 

Diamond Dazzle ~ Full on glitter :) It Wow-ed me! I think the best glitter I own so far. Reminds me of Essie "Set In Stones", but it have more glitter chunks then Essie. 

Both nail Polishes you can get it off Pixi Beauty Website and Target (in store and online). Price $8 each

Endless Silky Eye Pen (color Black Noir)  ~ Silky smooth and intense black. I was actually going to buy new back pencil (pixi read  my mind hahah ).
I use it on my top water line. Goes on smoothly and its super pigmented. Its water proof and stays up to 5h. Gel formula gives an intense color of a liquid liner. I have been wearing it ever since I got it and I am super duper happy. Didn't notice any smudging or what so ever. It is paraben and mineral  oi free.

Again you can purchase it on Pixi Website or Target (in store and online) price $14


  1. Ale piękne laaakiery do paznokci, bardzo mi się podobają :)

    zapraszam na nowy wpis na blogu:

  2. Piękne są te lakiery ;) Uwielbiam te Twoje sówki w tle :D

  3. fajny duecik na pazurkach ;)

  4. świetne buteleczki :) fajnie połączyłaś lakiery

  5. Fajne pazurki i.. uwielbiam Cię za nazwę bloga! Też czytasz Sagę o Ludziach Lodu?? :)

    1. tak , bardzo lubie te ksiazki i Villemo to moja ulubiona bohaterka :)

  6. Oba kolory pozornie abstrakcyjne bardzo fajnie się łączą :)

  7. diamond dazzle is gorgeous!


  8. Bardzo ładne kolorki i fajny efekt na paznokciach :)


  9. Such pretty polishes! I love them separately and together. The silver highlight areas here are so glamorously chic!

    Big hugs & many thanks for both of your blog comments this week, my dear!

    ♥ Jessica


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