Naturally Beautiful ~ Pixi Beauty Event and Holiday Preview 2016

Hi Loves,

Ok so last Wednesday (Oct.5th) I went to Pixi Event in NYC. You guys it was amazing. Drinks, appetizers skin care and makeup! What more girl could ask for? I am truly honor that Pixi invited me, and meeting Pixi Team and Petra Herself is a blogger dream, that I can cross off my wishlist:)
 Petra, woman behind Pixi Beauty is such an inspiration. She is sweet and fun and I really enjoyed talking to her. Even Judy (itsJudyTime on YT) was there and omg she is so sweet and fun! Also the girl that made glow tonic famous Caroline Hirons was there :) Well I admit I didn't know that, this little info Petra told us when were discussing glow tonic. Fun fact to know :) Caroline is so sweet tho! 
Here are some pics from the event :)
 Also I will be showing you new holiday collection !And OMG you guys get your wallets ready! It is amazing! I should have a blog with swatches and all up next week )

foods :) food was actually really good! damn need me some recipes!

first pic with Petra :) Snow, me and my IG friend Rachel that I met at the event ( we are Ig friends for few yrs now)

With Judy  :)


  1. Wow! This looks like such a fun event! How neat you were able to go!

  2. Ale pyszności na talerzu :)
    Mogłabyś kliknąć w linki TUTAJ ? Dzięki*

  3. Świetnie wyglądają ich kosmetyki :)

  4. Kosmetyki wyglądają super, a jedzenie na pyszne:) Fantastyczne wydarzenia, no i świetnie wyglądałaś:)

  5. Piękne kosmetyki, wszystkie widziałabym w swojej kosmetyczce :)Masz piękne włosy:)

  6. The Pixi make up looks great! xxx


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