Christmas with Profusion Cosmetics ~ thoughts on a new collection

*pr sample*

Guys! OMG as you can see in a picture above I got the new Christmas Collection by Profusion Cosmetics. WOW, its so gorgeous! Just quick fyi I went ahead and ordered three more eye shadow palettes and lip kit. :) Just coz I had to have them all.

Anyways the new collection as you can see it breathtaking. 
As always the main focus are the eye shadow palettes. Summer collection launched 3 and now we have 4.

In my PR box I got Wanderlust and I am obsessed with it. Everything about this palette is perfect. The price, the shades and the quality. As I mentioned before the eye shadows a really good.
The shades are hi-pigment, soft and blend-able. As you can see we have a nice verity of pinks, purples, greens and blues.  The top row when I swatches kinda reminded me of pastel shades. Especially the last two shades. As always the shimmers swatch and apply like a dream, especially if you use your finger. Some mattes are better then others. I found few powdery but still they blend nicely. I just live for these colors.

21 shadows housed in a black plastic palette with clear lid and glittery gold trim around it. I find that to be perfect touch! all for $10!
I can't wait to create some holiday inspired look with it.

The second palette I got was the new, up-grated Mix Metals palette. I got my in shade Pink :) I own the previous mix metals palettes and I love them. They are really really good. And now Profusion re-vamped them and viola! Totally new packaging and new layout. I like how the actual palette packaging matches the names, example Mix Metals Pink is pink, Mix Metals Gold is gold, there is also Silver and Rose Gold. I am not gonna lie at some point I want them all. Hoping Profusion will have some sort of promo before or after holidays :) The Gold one will definitely be my. I will insert below pictures of the other ones :) Just so you can lust after them like me hahah.

Now back to the Pink palettes that was sent to me. The palette is a part of the kit. It comes with a belnding brush, that is actually really nice and pink glitter liquid liner. The palette itself contains 8 pink toned eye shadows and two face powders (highlight and blush). There are 4 mattes, 1 matte with shimmer and 3 shimmers. The blush is matte pink and highlighter coppery gold.

The whole set retail $10, which is not bad, especially considering the products you get. I did play with the shadows already and they blend good and the look I got was really soft and girly :) I have not yet used that glittery eyeliner tho.

The third eyeshadow palette is the eye case Bare Eyes. Perfect nude, travel friendly eyeshadow palette. 10 shades are housed in a metal case, it comes with dual ended brush and a mirror. Bare Eyes is you everyday nude palette. If you don't like colors much this is prefect option. I like how you get nice variety of  7 mattes and 3 shimmers. Again pigmented and blendable. The shimmers are so pretty and works perfectly with the mattes. Mattes although are a bit powdery they do blend nicely.

This palette retails $7 and they have three more color choices.

Next one up is Highlight and Contour palette. Cute mini size palette with 6 shades (3 highlighting shades and 3 contouring shades). I said mini but you get 0.12 oz for highlighting shades and 0.62 for contouring, and if I am not mistaken this palette retails only for $5. So not bad, I don't know if you can find cheaper then that. The packaging to be honest its not so great. Cardboard with flimsy top, but the products on the other hand are great! 2 matte highlighters, which will work great as under eye setting powders, 1 gorgeous shimmer and 3 bronzers. The bronzers look really nice and have nice depth to it. Not too muddy or orangy. Again this makes great travel friendly palette :)

And the last but not least is the lipstick set. I love their lipsticks! Guys! this set is only $5 and its so freaking good! I am about to order more and give my friends for Christmas! I got Fierce set, which is deep purple berry and I didn't know I would love this as much as I do now.

The lipstick is so creamy and so opaque! paired with lip liner is a perfect duo. What I love the most is the glossy lip topper with a matching color. OMG it changes the everything and it looks so good! Not even sticky! and the best part, even with the glossy hi-shine lip topper the lipstick last whole day! Like I only re-applied it

for $5 a set I am getting reaming colors and some for friends!

What are your thoughts on this collection? Have you picked up anything yet? What is on your wish list? Looking forward on your feedback :)

*I already got my Black Friday order and I will be posting it soon :)

Below the Metal Mix sets I been eyeing :) Silver, Rose Gold and Gold


  1. This collection looks amazing! I would love to receive any one of these palettes!

  2. Śliczne paletki , wszystkie bym przygarnęła :D

  3. Wow, paletki wyglądają bardzo fajnie! Zielenie i niebieskości z pierwszej palety wpadły mi w oko :)

  4. Świetne paletki, uwielbiam takie gadżety:) Obserwuje i zapraszam do obserwacji mojego bloga jesli ci się spodoba:)

  5. Pastelowe i połyskujące cienie wyglądają obłędnie:).

  6. Ja bym wzięła wszystkie ;)


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