Naked ReLoaded - worth hype and money?

*purchased by me*

Another Urban Decay Naked palette added to my collection :)Cherry is the only one that is missing at this moment :)
Anyways new NAKED Reloaded. Palette that replaced the OG Naked. Loved by some hated by others.
Wanna know what I think of it?Then keep on reading :)

When back in Fall 2018,Urban Decay decided to discontinue the OG, the first ground breaking palette and beauty community mourned it loss. It was sad to see it go. The first NAKED palette, the palette that started it all. Myself I didn't own it until then.Most of retailers had this palette on sale,and basically once is gone it's gone forever. I bought my there and then:)

(21 Days of Beauty Haul )

Around mid February,UD launched a new, better version of OG Naked,Naked Reloaded.
Though out the months I been reading many mixed reviews, watched countless of YT videos and still didn't know if I should buy it. Back around when Ulta had 21 days of beauty, there was deal on this palette. Basically if you buy you would get extra 300 points. I bought it right and there. I love Ulta's point system,so much better than Sephoras.

Palette came few days after and hi,I was blown away by it.
First off the packaging is beyond beautiful. Just look at it. All other Naked palette comes in tin packaging, but not this one. It comes in plastic  compact covered in cushioned satin fabric. The only con about it is that it gets dirty easy and its hard to clean.
I keep my palette in its box and try to not touch it with dirty hands. So far I am doing good job as the palette looks really good :)

Inside you get 12 brand new shades,of which 4 comes in a larger pan. UD thinks that these will be used the most as a transition shades so that's why the pans are bigger.
The palette contains soft browns and rosy hue shades. I think it is so easy to pair the shades together and come up with gorgeous neutral looks. There are mattes, shimmers and one glittery kinda shade that is very crumbly and I am not liking it. Mattes blends really nice,shimmers are gorgeous.Gosh I do love shimmers :) So far I have a luck with this palette and we are good friends.
Also as you notice this new palette don't com with a brush or eyeliner. Personally I find it more appealing, plus its lighter and cheaper then other UD Naked palettes.Big plus here :)

Swatches :

On a side not I do get ABH Sultry vibes, but I didn't compare these two yet. Maybe we can keep that for the future post.

Overall I like this palette and I am happy with my purchase. I think priced a only $44 is a good spend. If you like shades like this and have extra money,go for it :)


  1. Przepiękna ta paleta, jaki mocny pigment! :)

  2. Bardzo podobają mi się kolory cieni w tej palecie. Może będę miała okazję je wypróbować :)

  3. Mi również bardzo podobają się te kolorki 😍

  4. I'm not too sure how I feel about this palette. I think it looks a lot like Sultry from ABH and I'm thinking about picking that one up instead. This is still a really pretty palette though! Great review xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  5. Paleta jest piękna, ale dla mnie z pewnością za ciepła. Dla ciepłych karnacji idealna:).

  6. this post is amazing!

  7. Piękna paletka, zdecydowanie moje kolory. Zaskoczyło mnie jak na skórze wszystkie sa mocne i wyraziste

  8. Klasyczne połączenia kolorów ;) dobra pigmentacja :) nie ma do czego się przyczepić. Może jedynie ta ciepła tonacja mnie rozczarowała

  9. I am not so much into makeup, but it is still enjoyable to see!

  10. Też wydaje mi się dosyć podobna do Sultry chociaż chyba tamta jest troszkę chłodniejsza:) Ładne zdjęcia:**


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