July Favorites 2015 / Ulubiency Lipca 2015

Happy August! I cant believe we are in August already! Time flies! 
BTW I found this cool August challenge on Instagram. Basically every day you post collection or your favorites of brands listed in challenge. How fun is that! I will be posting on my Instagram and here :). Probably right after this post will go live , I will be posting DAY 1 photo challenge as well :)
Now, lets start with my July Favorites.


Witam Sierpien! Nie moge uwierzyc ze czas tak szybko leci :) Znalazlam fajny 'photo challenge' na instagramie :) Kazdy dzien na przypisana jedna make kosmetyczna i porostu musze pokazac wszystkie moje kosemtyki z tej marki albo te ulubione :) Beda posty tutaj jak i zdjecia na instagramie :) ahhh ten challenge jest super :)
Teraz przejdzmy do moich ulubienow.


1. Maybelline ~ The Blushed Nudes~ one of my favorite palettes. I used it quite often in a past moth. I did review it if you want to check. Link here. 

2.  Urban Decay Setting Spray ~ I cant live without it, especially with this hot weather. Holds my makeup in place the whole day. Another plus is the oil control. It does keeps my face form getting 'shinny'.

3. Milani Cosmetics DOLCI nail polish ~ liquid gold, beautiful summery polish. It gives a nice sun kissed glow to you nails :) 

4. Loreal Paris Vintage Rose nail polish ~ gorgeous pink! As much as I don't like the sand texture, I fin myself loving this one. Plus it last long time on my nails :) 

5. Milani Cosmetics Bella Eyes In Champagne ~ beautiful shimmery color :) perfect to brighten your eyes :) Love it as a highlight or all over the lid.

6. N.Y.Color City Proof Lip color In Riverside rose ~ this been my favorite for a long time. Recently I start using it again and remember how much I love it :)  

7. MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lip Glass ~ Gorgeous HOT PINK lips glass with lots of glitter inside. Love to add some sparkle to my lips once in a while ::) perfect for summer:)

8. JANE lip color in In Awe ~ got it off Nordstrom rack a while back. Goes a bit lighter then the color shown in tube. Not sticky.

9. Physicians Formula Nude Wear Blush ~ I own so many blushes, and recently I start using them more often . Love this one When you swirl all the colors together it come out really pretty pink :) perfect if you want a softer look :)

10. MUA Mosaic Bronzer ~ perfect to add some soft tan to you skin. Its not as pigmented as it look. Definitely not good fr contouring. Like to add some just to add some color to my pale skin :)

11. WIBO concealer palette ~ we have a similar palette form Wet n Wild. This one is polish brand and I did get it from my polish friend :) Been loving the lightest shade and pink shade :) both works great under eyes :) 


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