Milani Cosmetics Everyday Eyes 'Earthly Elements' Eyeshadow palette ~ Swatches + Review

OMG I am so excited to see my favorite drugstore brand Milani Cosmetics came out with a eyeshadow palettes! They just launched recently and there is total of 6 palettes available now. 
If you know me , you know my love for Milani Cosmetics. They are by far the best drugstore brand! Their products are amazing, affordable and comes in the prettiest gold packaging ever. I could talk and talk about them, seriously! 

I picked only Earthy Elements palette, coz this was the only one left... 
It comes in beautiful rectangle gold packaging, with clear lid. Milani name is visible on the lid in gold ink.  Packaging is plastic but very good quality. Doesn't feel cheap. On the back you can see a tutorial on how to use the palettes and which shade is you base etc. Tells you step by step on how to use each color in the palette.  Normally I don't care much for those kind of tutorials. Each palette comes with dual-ended brush. Which is an actual brush and not a sponge one that most of the palettes uses. 
I haven't use the brush, so I can really say if it is good or not. 

The colors in this palette are gorgeous! Tell me you think so too! Especially that ORANGE! I actually wanted this palette, coz that color stand up and screamed my name form the pics when I first saw it. On the Milani Website this palette is described as "terracotta & earthy" Beautiful warm tones palette. 
Eyeshadows are rich and pigmented! they feel soft and they blend really nice! 
They are matte and shimmer shades. Shimmers swatches nice but they will create fallouts, especially the first (base) shade. It is just a glitter in my opinion. The other shimmers preform much better. and they are opaque in one swipe.   Mattes are nice, I had to swipe my finger few times so they swatch can be visible. Mattes are not my faves though. I really want to love them but they do take a lot of time to build it up.  

Overall I really like this palette and I will be getting rest of the colors. Milani did really good :) I love to see drugstore brands coming out with a high quality palettes. I say go for it! The shadows are amazing and they wear long time over a primer. 
Milani also launched few new products that I cant wait to get my hands on! Including new primers, foundation and liquid lipsticks!

I got my palette form CVS $10.99 
You can find them at any drugstore that carry MILANI line and they are available on Milani Website for $9.99  


  1. That orange shade is just gorgeous !! I like Milano for their packaging :)

  2. Wow this palette contains very pretty natural shades! *__*


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