Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks Swatches ~ My Collection

I am big fan of Wet n Wild. They are super affordable drugstore brand here in US. The quality of products really feels like a high end. The eyeshadows, nail polishes and lipsticks.
Their Megalast lipsticks are amazing! If you have them then you know what I am talking about. 
The are pigmented, glide on smooth and all have matte finsih. the best part? They don't feel drying on the lips. With one swipe you get full opacity. Formula is rich and velvety. The last hours on the lips. 
The only downside is the packaging. It can be hella annoying! especially the cap. You have to be really careful while putting it back on. And another thing is that lipstick stick up. You can't twist it don to hide it on the tube :( but for $2 a piece you can't go wrong.
I have in my collection total of almost 30. Some might be repeats. Some are in permanent  line and some are limited edition. I will mark the LE ones.   


LE from this bunch were : Rose to Fame, Night Cap, Tangelinos, Blossom Out, Coming in Latte, Pink Sugar and Clothing Optional.


LE from this bunch are:  Urban Nights, Bordeaux Bitten, Pink Pyramid, On the AVe,


 LE form this bunch are: Coral-ine, Celeb Sightseeing and Red Sea Resort.

As for LE (Limited Edition) colors they are very similar to ones in permanent line or the other LE lipsticks that came out before. I have a close dupe post I did a while back when I picked few LE lipsticks form Halloween and Fall Displays 2015. Here is the LINK if you want to check it out.

Overall I will say these are one of the best lipsticks you can fin in a drugstore. They are creamy and pigmented and super cheap!
All the swatches I used only one swipe !!! ONE!!!!
I sill missing few form permanent display. I will have to hunt them down soon :)
Available in any drugstore that sells Wet N Wild products :)

I also have a bunch of eye shadow palettes. I will be swatching them and posting it soon! :)


  1. WOW!!! This is a great post! I have only 1 palette by Wet n' Wild.. And I love it. I've never tried their lipstick, but they seem super pigmented! A big hug dear Monica <3

  2. Różowe odcienie to moja bajka :D
    Ostatnio zaczęłam się zastanawiać jak dużo masz wszystkich kosmetyków bo ciągle coś nowego widzę ^^
    Twoja kolekcja szminek liczy chyba ze 300 sztuk :D

  3. OMG you have a ton! I only have maybe 10 shades. I love the nudes, I need to get more of those. : )


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