Apple-licious Day ~ The Balm, DKNY, Nina Ricci and Apple Roses Recipe

Hi Loves,

Does everyone loves apples like me? I have for you an apple inspired post :)
First off  I made an apple roses! I can believe how easy they are to make. Second I will be talking about few Apple inspired makeup and perfume products I got form
Yeah You can tell I love that website. They really have many great products and again I will say ...they are cheaper then anywhere else!
So for my apple post I have The Balm 'How 'bout them Apples' Lips and C heels palette, DKNY Be Delicious and Nina Ricci Fantasy Perfumes.

Recipe you will be able to find at the end of the post. If you ever make them please share pics with me :)

The Balm "How 'bout them Apples" ~ This two in one palette been on my wishlist forever. First off, The Balm have the best packaging ever! Second off, look at the sexy apples you get inside. Isn't it pretty. The cute Pin Up girl chilling with dog and apple basket. Inside we have huge mirror and six delicious shades. Each pan is round and outside you can see an apple design.
As I said before there are six cream shades:
Cider ~ lightest, neutral soft peach
Cobbler ~ red, rosy color
Pie ~ coral-pink
Crisp ~ coral with shimmer
Candy ~ pink
Caramel ~ orange brown.
I actually really like using this palette as a lip palette. I don't really do well with cream blushes. I used either a lip brush or my finger to apply. I used Cider as my blush few times and I used a stippling brush to apply rather then my fingers. Caramel would be favorite shade to wear but ummmm either cobbler or cider are ...ummmm... nice to look at :) I'm just saying everyone need this sexy palette in their stash.
you get it form FragranceNet.Com ~ Price : $32.99

DKNY Be Delicious ~ my green apple :) This have been one of my to go perfumes last month.Fresh,  Clean and fruity scent. Not over powering. Perfect for day time wear. Whenever I wear it I get many questions on what perfume I sprayed on. Bottle is round and shaped as an apple. The only thing I dislike is the cap... it reflects everything like a mirror and it  is really hard to photograph.
Top Notes : Grapefruit, Cucumber, Magnolia
Heart Notes : Apple, Tuberose, White Muguet, Rose, Violet
\Base Notes: White Amber, Woods
Opens up with Grapefruit, Cucumber and Magnolia and on me it stays that way. All day I can smell these three notes.  Surprisingly I don't get much apple tho. But you know on you skin you can smell more apple notes. Everyone is different. This reminds me of summer time in Poland when I used to pick apples and running around in a garden between apple trees. I really like it and I highly recommend it .
Get it at ~ Price : $35.24

Nina Ricci " Fantasy" ~ when you sucker for bottle and packaging, buy perfumes with out smelling them first. Yes that is me :) Omg the bottle is just gorgeous. Kinda reminds me of forbidden apple. And it is different form DKNY one. This is one is way sweeter. Not really over powering sweet or sweet that might give you a head ache but just sweet with a notes of pear. I would say the two strongest notes would be pear and cherry blossom. I came to like this perfume. It prefect spring day time wear fragrance. The only this it didn't last long time on me. Had to spray twice during a day. 
Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin and Pear
Heart Notes: Heliotrope, Rose, Cherry Blossom
Base Notes: Brown Sugar, Vanilla
You get it form ~ Price $40.49

Now the recipe

All you need for 6 apple roses:
~  Puff Pastry 1 sheet
~  1 big red apple
~  Apricot preserve
~  Lemon or lemon Juice
~ water
~ cinnamon sugar

First thing you need to unfreeze pastry. Once that is done you have to roll it out. Then cut in  i 6 strips. On each strip spread out apricot preserve.
Apples cut in half, take all the seeds out. Cut very thinly. Once you have your think slices. Put them in bowl with water and lemon juice. Heat it up in  a microwave for 3 min. Apples will be softer and they wont change color.

Once you spread a apricot preserve on  a dough. Add apples on the top of the dough. sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and fold the dough. and then start rolling them. Arrange in a greased muffin tin and bake at 350F for 40 min. Let them cool down . Then pull it out and sprinkle with powder sugar.
Taa daa super easy right?


  1. Najbardziej zaciekawiły mnie te jabłuszka do jedzenia - muszą być pyszne! :D

  2. DKNY mam i bardzo lubie :) kuszace sa opakowania kosmetykow The Balm, ja mam tylko Bahama Mame :)


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