Rose Gold Obssesion ~ Makeup Revolution

I don't know about you but I love anything rose gold! Starting with jewelry, continue with accessories, home decor and makeup packaging. Rose gold everywhere please :)
Like I said every time when I review MUR I am so happy that we finally are able to get it here in USA. Not all the products are here yet, but hopefully soon they will.
Recently I got three new products form famous and amazing MUR.
Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Palette and two lipsticks in rose gold tubes ( Diamond Life and Chauffeur). Let me tell you my thoughts on all the products :)

Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold - Ultra professional blush palette. I would not call it a blush palette though. Well maybe the last two shades. This palette is gorgeous! Simply beautiful and so summer appropriate. The colors are stunning! Nice selection  of shimmery shades rage form peaches, pinks, golden and coppers. I would call this a highlight palette more then a blush palette. The shades like I said are all sparkly and shimmery and blends into the skin so nice and leave a beautiful glow. That coppery bronze can be use to bronze up the skin a bit :) I remember Emilynoel yt when she was talking about her favorite palettes form MUR. As soonest I saw Golden Sugar 2 I said to myself I need to have it. What can I say I love sparkly shades and this one is filled with them :)

First Row:
* 1st shade is matte and its mauve- pink. Can be use a light blush just too add bit of  flush to your cheeks :)
* 2nd shade is shimmery peachy color. So pretty especially as a highlight or peachy blush topper
* 3rd shade golden champagne color and OMG by far my favorite and the most used one. i adore this shade and I think this might be dupe for JH Champagne POP? I don;t know I have to check it out
* 4th shade is bronze blush shade. Its matte but it does have a small visible, tiny pink glitter in. Personally I would use it as a blush or either eyeshadow then bronzer.

Second Row:
* 1st shade light peachy highlight also one of my favorite in the palette. Looks amazing on the cheeks.
* 2nd shade is shimmery pink highlight. It can b use also as a blush topper.
* 3rd shade is gorgeous copper highlight. I would not use it as a highlight though coz I am way to pale but OMG it is gorgeous! and so pigmented in one swipe. If you can dust very light handed on the skin I bet it would look breathtaking!
* 4th shade is tanned peachy nude blush. This shade is matte with no shimmer or sparkles whatsoever. This could be use as a bronzer or ca be topped with that coppery shade (they do look pretty together)

Overall I been really enjoying this palette. The shades are pigmented and they do blend nicely.
If you like shimmery shades and highlights give it a try. I actually think this palette will be great for travels as well :) The palette comes in a standard black packaging that is a fingerprints magnet :(
You can purchase palette at MakeupRevolution USA website, Ulta.Com and Ulta Stores
Price $10

Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipsticks ~ Lipsticks in pretty rose gold packaging. The tubes remind me of MAC bullets but these are much lighter then MAC ones. I got my in Chauffeur and Diamond Life.
Chauffeur is pretty rosy nude shade.
Diamond Life is dark berry red. Not as dark as it looks in a tube but its this prefect berry color that everyone needs.

Lipsticks are super creamy and non drying. they can be build up or you can even layer them up with lips glosses and so on. I actually love Chauffeur, such a prefect nude!  Diamond life I was a bit scared ... When you look at the tube you see how dark the color is. But once swatched looks really pretty on!
The price point? you can beat it! $5 and you got a pretty looking lipstick with a long wear (4h tops for me ). There are I think 3 more shades in the collection and I am thinking of getting them too ! totally a #lipstickhoarder.

All can be purchase at Makeup Revolution Website , Ulta.Com and Ulta stores


  1. Paleta w szczególności skradła moje serce <3

  2. Przecudne kolory są w tej paletce :)

  3. I love the packaging! That palette is so pretty!

    Doused In Pink

  4. Rose Gold to bardzo popularny odcień, chyba wszystkim się podoba :D

  5. paletka ma prześliczne odcienie, bardzo mi się podoba. Opakowania szminek też są urocze...Wszystko takie śliczne! A te zdjęcia!> Rewelacja! Super tu u Ciebie! :) Zostaję na dłużej i pozdrawiam ciepło! :]

  6. I love this Palette its beautiful and 3rd highlighter shade is gorgeous

    Glamorous without the Guilt

  7. Śliczne kolory tych cieni :) Ogólnie bardzo mi się podobają te zdjęcia!

  8. I have had my eye on this palette for a long time! The shades in it look gorgeous :)

    What Sarah Writes

  9. Wow really love the look of that palette! The colours are so pretty. Gemma x

  10. Paletę bym pokochała na pewno :)

  11. All of the shades look very pigmented and pretty! Thanks for sharing.


  12. I'm so into the rose gold trend, and those makeup revolution lipsticks are so pretty specially their packaging.

    Sam || Beautydetour


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