Marshall's and TJ Maxx Finds ~ part 3

Ok, so Marshall's and TJ Maxx are getting crazy crazy makeup and skin care products. Like MAC, Becca, ABH, Too Faced, etc! It's like makeup heaven for us bloggers and junkies! What's better then getting lux higher end products for less then half the cost! Nothing haha. 
At my local Marshalls I every week. I wish I could check it out daily but someone have to work LOL. I am addicted to watching YT MArshalls and TJ Maxx hauls. There is so many things I hope my place will get soon. Mama is ready so take all my $$$. 

Anyways enough with all the rumbling, here is the haul. 
Also as you can see in the title this is part 3. 
I made a two last year and you can check it out here and here

I bet the first thing you see are the MAC Cosmetics Girls Personality Palettes. So lucky I was able to find three of them so far. I see people keep hauling Smarty Pants and I really hope I can get my hands on it as well. 
The ones I picked up are: Qween Supreme, Classic Cutie and Fashion Fanatic. Each was only $19.99 vs $41 (Mac retail). So not bad at all. I believe your lower down to $19 as I heard that before these palettes were sold for $25. Not sure but that what I heard. I have not try them yet but the palettes look fun and personally can't wait to pull them out. Now let me quickly show and tell you bit about each palette in case if you stumble up on one during your Marshall's / TJ Maxx trip.

* Qween Supreme ~ yeah that is the spelling of Queen that Mac used. The palette contains like all others 8 eye shadows and 1 face products, in this case we have a highlighter. All shades are metallic that when applied wet give really beautiful foil finish. There is no matte shades. So if you are into metallics, sparkly eye shadows, go get this palette.

* Classic Cutie ~ just like all it have 8 eye shadows and 1 face powder. What sold me was the cute kawaii packaging. So adorable. This palette as you can see is more cool toned. No mattes. We have satin, pearl and metallic finishes. It is shimmery palette with purple, silver shades. I like it but then again I miss a matte. Overall I like it :)

* Fashion Fanatic ~  This palette have such a fan shades! Look at that berry or that purple :) So beautiful! I am really excited to use this one especially as they look so fashionable ! just as the name of the palette suggests :)

Now I am on the hunt for more of these palettes. Let's hope I can find more :)

Also I found few Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid lipsticks. They were $7.99 each and I grabbed only 3 shades. You remember last year I bought 4 Studded Kiss lipsticks :) I am happy with this find, and hope again to see other shades.
The shades I grabbed are:

* Beloved
* Bachelorette
* Underage Red
I had try before her liquid lipsticks and really like the formula. Happy to get them so cheap.

Next we have few skin care products.
Pacifica Beauty Cactus Micellar Cleaning Tonic water ~ this one was only $4.99 and what sold me was the packaging. So beautiful. And product itself is really good. I used it few times since I bought it. Takes off makeup and it is gentle on the skin. Pacifica is cruelty free and vegan skin care / makeup line. And I am already excited to see what else I will be able to find in Marshalls :)
Elizabeth Arden Refining Toner Lotion ~ I have never tried Elizabeth Arden products before. I might have had perfumes at some point but that was years ago. There was a lot of bottles of this toner. Decided to grab one coz the price ($5.99). Right now I am using some other toners. I will update on this later on. Either here or my IG page.

Micro Needle Facial Roller by Revive Beauty ~ Ok I am really curious about micro needling. I heard so much good reviews and people over all are raving about it. I am not sure about this product tho. First off I never heard of the brand, second it was cheap ($7.99) and I know some of the good micro needling roller retails for over $200.

But anyways I will give it a try and see how this one will preform. It contains 540 needles (size of each is 0.25mm)

And last but not least is the canvas. I love buying canvases at Marshalls. Ugh I tell you there was one, beautiful almost boho style lama canvas few months ago. I went to Marshalls just to look and found her.(the lama) I was in love but had no $. I hid the canvas and when next day I came back she was not there any more. Hoping to find something similar but right now no luck.
On the other hand I found this cute little pink brush canvas. I can hang it on top of my vanity :) I was holing and walking around thinking if I should take it. Finally decided to buy it. It was only $7.99marh


  1. Piękne są te palety i wszystko pozostałe ♡♡♡:)

  2. What awesome finds! I need to head to both now to see what I can grab. I loved my microneedling treatment so I'm curious to hear how this one works for you.

  3. Wow you found some seriously good finds! I love the look of those MAC Palettes and the swatches are impressive too xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  4. Mam zamiar zakupić sobie dermaroller :)

  5. Bardzo ciekawe rzeczy palety strasznie lubię kupować więc te od razu przyciągły moją uwagę! :)

  6. Bałabym się takiego rollera ;)

  7. Pięknie są te kolory paletek jej w ogóle mi się bardzo wszystko podoba :) super

  8. Ta druga paleta (patrząc po swatchach) podoba mi się najbardziej ;) Ale i tak bym się na nią nie skusiła, bo mam sporo podobnych odcieni.

  9. te Twe nowe kosmetyczne perełki są po prostu cudowne:D

  10. Ale ładne kolorki paletek, podobają mi się :)

  11. Ooh you got some really great bits here!

    Soph - x

  12. Spodobała mi się kolorystyka pierwszej palety.

  13. You picked up some amazing products, love the look of the MAC palettes x


  14. ladne kolory palet poszukam ich i przetestuje :)

  15. Mnostwo wspaniałych produktow☺

  16. Sadly the Makeup in my local TK Maxx is always opened and full of fingerprints - disgusting. But that saves me a ton of money, I guess...

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  17. You got some great pieces! The palletes look wonderful and the canvas is so cute! :)

    Hope that your week is off to a good start :)

    Away From The Blue


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