Pixi Beauty Rose Infused Skin Treats Favorites

*pr sample*

I guess Pixi Beauty don't sleep and keeps on working a new skin care for us skin care loving junkies:)
I mean did you see the sneak peek on their new Vitamin C skin care and other goodies line that launched recently? Look below :) I am already adding products to my wish list :)

(Picture credit: Pixi Beauty)

Also recently, less then two weeks ago a new PR package came :) The rose infused skin care products nicely packed in a gorgeous travel makeup/skin care bag. I died! Really, Pixi is spoiling their bloggers :)  And this one likes to be spoiled :) 

Let's start with what catches the eye first. The travel makeup/skin care bag. Isn't it gorgeous! The soft pink color looks so nice with light green and the roses printed all over the bag? Stunning! It is perfect for travels and of course filled with all the essentials I need :) I will definitely bring it with me when I come visit Poland in April :) Ah can't wait! And of course my Mom will get few of my favorite Pixi products :) 

So now what products were in the bag and did I tried them before ? Pixi basically sent over the whole Rose Infused line. I did try some products before and some I am eager to try. As I am writing this post the "new new" products landed on bathroom counter and I will be testing them out. 
Rose water, rose oils, rose anything is very popular in skin care these days, and it should. Rose water and the oils has many great skin benefits such as anti-inflammatory, it helps minimize redness, soothes the skin irritation and helps with blemishes. Plus keeps the skin moisture and  it is ideal for all skin types, especially acne/ sensitive skin. 
The products that came with the bag are:

* Makeup Melting Cleaning Cloths ~ with Chamomile, Grape Seed Oil and Rose. The small pack includes 10 wipes. This is one of the products I have not yet to try. But according to Pixi, it should gently and efficiently remove all traces of makeup. Infused with soothing and hydrating botanical extracts, these wipes will make skin feel clean and balanced after each use. 
* Rose Cream Cleanser ~ nourishing cream cleanser with mineral rich mud  cleans skin as it helps strengths and soften it. Enrich with Rose,Avocado, Chamomile and Aloe Vera. I did try this and I do like it. Most importantly my skin likes it. Feel clean and hydrated afterwords. Definitely need to play more with it. ($18 Pixi Website / Target)
* Rose Tonic ~ I do love the Glow Tonic, so when i saw they came out with Rose I wanted to get my hands on it fast. I was lucky to be sent a while ago mini sizes of both glow and rose tonic. I pulled out one right away and I been using it ever since. This rose and elder-flower toner calms redness, soothes irritation and hydrates the skin. Keeps my skin fresh and plump :) Love it. Pixi, I think makes one of the best toners! NOw I need to get my hands on the Retinol one :) ($15-$29; Pixi and Target)

* Rose Caviar Essence ~ I had this one before and still have in my skin care drawer. I remember when I first got it a while back this product excited me the most. Just by looking at it I wanted to put all over my face.  This Caviar Essence contains encapsulated flower oils suspended in the serum that melts into the skin upon application. The Essence should be applied after toning and it has a nice cooling effect on the skin coz of the gel like texture. Just love it ($24' Pixi and Target)
* Rose Flash Balm ~ 3 in 1, oil free quick absorbing formula instantly moisturizes and brightness the skin. Its perfect for tired, lackluster skin. Can be use as a primer and mask as well. I tried this before many times under the makeup and I really enjoyed it. Love how hydrated my skin felt. Definitely one of the best products by Pixi that is worth checking out. ($24; Pixi and Target)
* Rose Ceramide Cream ~ this got me exciting. I believe this is the newest Pixi product, because I have never seen it before. I have not yet to try it but according to Pixi: "this ultra rich moisture cream, infused with rose flower and rosemary oil drenched your skin in deep hydration. Antioxidant rich plant extracts and ceramides help improve skin elasity and lock in intense moisture while helping to protect against environmental aggressors. It quenches thirsty skin leaving  it healthier and more supple and smooth." I am really looking forward to try this :) ($24; Pixi and target)

* Rose Oil Blend ~ This is my favorite oil! Not only my, ask my sister in law how many did she used already :) I always see her repurchase it. And guess who introduce her to it :) You got that right, ME:) It extremely hydrates, restores and provides skin with natural glow. I don't use it every day, but when I do is mostly night time, I add 1-2 drops to my moisturizer and I can head to bed.
* Makeup Fixing Mist ~ I have like three of them lying around somewhere :) I like how good it sets the makeup. I did write a post on Multi Misting a while back (click here). I adore Pixi mists, and most of the time these are the ones I use the most. ($15; Pixi and Target)
* Rose Glow Mist ~ ah it is so nice to try new mists. I been eyeing this one for a while :) It contains 7 flower oils, essential fatty acids and antioxidant so it does have a dual phase effect and needs a good shake before use. The key ingredients are rose oil, argan oil and avocado oil. It smells amazing and makes my skin hydrating , soft and it gives a skin beautiful glow-y effect, with out greasy residue. ($15, Pixi and Target)

Did your try Pixi Skin Care before? What are your favorites?


  1. I love Pixi so much - their Rose Oil Blend is one of my favourite oils and I also love their Glow Mud Mask. I've been using the newer Vitamin-C Tonic and I'm loving it! Eager to try more from the Vitamin C line.

    Deanna | luxandvitae.com

  2. Widzę, że marka Pixi święci obecnie triumfy na blogach. Ciągle coś widzę :)

  3. Markę kojarzę tylko z blogów :) podobają mi się te opakowania jestem ciekawa tych kosmetyków :) Pozdrawiam :)

  4. Uwielbiam tą serię kosmetyków. Będę je używała do znudzenia :D Kosmetyczka bardzo mi się podoba :)

  5. Bardzo fajne produkty :D Jeszcze się z nimi nie spotkałam.
    Pozdrawiam oraz dziękuję bardzo za odwiedziny ♥

  6. Ostatnio widzę bardzo dużo produktów tej marki zarówno na blogach jak i instagramach, sama z chęcią bym je chciała przetestować, bo wyglądają na bardzo ciekawe. ;)

  7. Uwielbiam serię tych kosmetyków :)

  8. Kosmetyki marki Pixi coraz bardziej mnie inspirują! :)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie i zapraszam do siebie w wolnej chwili!

  9. Kuszą mnie te cudowności:). Będę musiała wypróbować przynajmniej toniki:).

  10. I received all these goodies in this travel bag as well and was overwhelmed with all the amazing products. Can't wait to try out their Vitamin C line!


  11. I love that they've launched this rose range just in time for Valentine's Day, it's such a lovely collection xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  12. I'm loving these products! I especially love the essence and mist! xx


  13. Their rose range is so good! I love their skincare so much x


  14. I've tried their rose mist and glow mist and love both of them. I really need to try more of their products.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  15. I need them all :)


  16. Coraz bardziej mnie ciekawią, bo czytam o nich wszędzie ostatnio ;)

  17. wooow spora ilość pixi kosmetyków!;D ja jeszcze nic nie miałam:D

  18. Znam tę markę, ostatnio o niej głośno, ale jeszcze nie testowałam żadnych produktów.

  19. Bardzo interesują mnie produkty od pixi , tym bardziej że wszędzie widzę tę markę ;)

  20. They do make some great products. I used their setting mist and I love it.

    Allie of

  21. i've only tried one product from pixi, their bestselling toner but i didn't really see a difference. i may need to revisit the product before i check these new ones out :)

    Maj | https://majvalencia.com/

  22. Dostałaś kochana świetną paczkę:) Ostatnio sama testuję kosmetyki Pixi i jak narazie jestem zadowolona, więc też będę polować na tą nową linię z witaminą C:D Buziaczki:*:*

  23. Thank you so much for sharing and to keep your point in the post. Cheers!

    Nahid | https://bestclicknow.com


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