New from Wet N Wild ~ Rite Aid Haul (feat. Iconic Bronzers and Setting Spray)

To my defense I went just to get a laundry detergent and I left with new Wet n Wild products and no detergent LOL. Don;t judge it happens. 
I heard and well saw on IG, Wet n Wild came out with new products. The ones my Rite Aid got were the new Color Icon Bronzers, Sprays and Catsuit lipsticks. 

Of course me being me I grabbed 3 out of 4 shades of bronzers (the 4, darker one was shattered) and Rose makeup setting spray. 

All looks so good and fresh :) Swatched the brozners and I like the formula and the shades. It's gel infused long wearing formula, that leaves skin looking luminous and sun kissed. I think the bronzers will be a hit. Personally can't wait to play with them a bit more.
Shade I bought and swatches:
* Palm Beach Ready ~ I hope this will give my skin glow :) Its light-medium brown with tiny gold shimmer that should give skin the luminosity. Swatches really good. The formula is like it said gel like. 
* Sunset Striptease ~ light medium brown with satin finish. 
* Ticket to Brasil ~ light-medium with yellow undertones. The lightest out of all. It have a satin finish. 

(swatched in the same order as mentioned above)

None of the ones I have is matte. I think the darker one also might be satin finish not sure tho. TBH even tho I didn't wear it on my face yet I like the formula. I don't think this will be hard to apply and blend. Swatch wise they do look like they are going to be really easy to work with. Definitely will update more once I played with them  :) 

Another new product I grabbed is the Photo Focus Primer Water in Rose Scent. The bottle is rather small but mighty. Smells divine. If you are a fan of roses and rose scent you will definitely like it this. The spray nozzle is good. Sprays the right amount of products. I been spraying it on my face all day today and its a great refresher :)  Again I will update how will it work with a full face of makeup. But so far we are liking each other.

There are two more scents to choose from : Coconut and Cucumber. 
Wet n Wild also came out with "matching" primer, same scents Not sure if they are same or each does something different as they were not at the store.  I saw my friend Amanda (anchored_2_beauty) hauled the coconut one :)

All products are available at Wet n Wild Website as we speak, and as you can tell in stores as well :)
Happy hunting :)


  1. Te pudry mają śliczną fakturę. Kolory też bardzo ładne :)

  2. Markę Wet n Wild znam, ale tylko ze słyszenia, sama żadnego kosmetyku nie miałam.

  3. Cudeńka, też tak czasem mam na zakupach😁

  4. It totally happens, we have all been there.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  5. Love these cool metallic shades! I really want that rose powder by Lancome you have in the first pic.

  6. o ludu jakie cuda:D ja chcę wszystko:D

  7. Świetne produkty :D Pozdrawiam i dziękuję bardzo za odwiedziny ♥

  8. Ciekawe. Ja jeszcze, przyznam, nie miałam nic z Wet'n'Wild. 😉

  9. Wszystko prezentuje się bajecznie :) chce się mieć wszystko <3 zostaje na dłużej i w wolnej chwili zapraszam do siebie :)

  10. Bardzo spodobała mi się róża Lancome:). A markę Wet n'Wild uwielbiam za świetną jakość i niskie ceny.

  11. Piękne jest to botaniczne tłoczenie :)

  12. These wet n wild powders look gorgeous x


  13. Pięknie wyglądają na dłoni.

  14. Ooh so many exciting launches!I love the look of those bronzers especially xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  15. Great post! I’m sure it’ll be helpful for a lot of readers.

    Nahid |


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