April Favorites ~ Makeup and Skin Care

Hi Loves!

I just realize that I haven't post my favorites this year... And there is another post I skipped ~ "Month is Pictures" I think I should bring both of them back ? What do you think?

My April favorites will be more of my favorites since January haha! Well since I didn't post any I will include products that I been loving in past few months. 
I just want to warn you, it might be a lot :) 
Lets jump in it then :)


* Loreal LUMI primer ~ My Oily skin kinda likes this product. I though I would look all grease and all but nooo. It gives me a dewy look. Just let it sits for few minutes before applying foundation. Kept my foundation in place and well I like the glow once in a while , you know without feeling greasy.

* Pur Hydra Fluid Foundation ~ same here it should suit my oily skin, but once I use a matte powder all is good! It gives nice hydration to the skin and that is why I like it :) This will be perfect for summer days :) 

* Dior Air Flash Spray Foundation ~ now this is my go to!  Gives me full coverage and matte finish. I freaking love this foundation. It works the best in a colder days. I would not want to wear it during heat in the summer tho. Definitely a must have for oily skin :)

* Lunatick Cosmetics Labs ~ Mystifying Mattifying powder ~ clear, pressed powder. Gives nice matte look and won't leave a white cast on the face. I been really loving it and well the packaging is on point !

* Bella Pierre Contour and Highlight Pro Palette ~ I get so much use of this palette. 3 highlight shades and 3 bronzers. Highlight shades are great to set the concealer and to highlight face and 2 bronzers are great to contour with. 

* N.Y.Color Sunny Bronzer ~ at first I thought it might be to dark but it is great to just warm up my face. I don't use it for contouring it is too warm for that.  

* Makeup Revolution Vivid Bake Highlight ~ One of my go to highlights. I am a highlight junkie and I like to glow to the moon and back :) I been really enjoying this one and the other below.

* Colourpop highlight in Lunch Money ~ cream highlight. Gives me a nice golden sheen which I been loving so much :) the best way to apply is with your finger :)

* Colourpop Blush in Between The Sheets ~ this blush  beautiful!you  guys if you ever order form colourpop get this blush :) Its gorgeous muted pink-coraly-brown, that looks just beautiful on. I use stippling brush to apply. 

* PUR Fully Charged Mascara ~ holy grail ladies! I am in love! this mascra rocked my world! My lashes never looked better I am telling you. I will have a full review soon. I have to take few more pics ":)

* MBA Cosmetics single eye shadow Aruba and Angel Kiss ~ Angel kiss is my most used one.on a days that I am rushing I just apply all over my eye lid and I am ready to go. Aruba is gorgeous metallic shade that I am obsessed with. I will have more on it soon :)

* Coastal Scents Z palette ~ CS hot pots! OMG the pigment !!! They are amazing! I will have soon more of it, like swatches and review. The post is in writing :) so stay tuned

* L'oreal La Palette Lip ~ ummmm the best lip palette ever! I did a review on it a while back . check here.  

* Milani Rose Femme Lipstick ~ I been rocking this baby on my lips for a past month. Brownish mauve that should be suited more for Fall season and not Spring LOL. But what the hell I love it all year round :)

* NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Zurich ~ NYX lip creams are amazing! Beautiful dusty rose that is your perfect everyday wear :)

* Vintage Cosmetics Lip Gloss ~ who would I be if I didn't add some sparkle to my lips huh ? Vintage Cosmetics lip gloss in Rosebud gives me a gorgeous shimmery lips :)  Sometimes I wear it over a lipstick and sometimes alone :) Depends on my mood :)

Skin Care

* Insta Natural Acne Face Wash ~ I have if for about few weeks and I really been liking it :) Cleans really nice, my skin feels soft and smooth. Keeps acne at bay. Love the fresh citrusy scent as well. I will have a review soon on Insta Natural skin care.

* Amarte Wonder Cream ~ Amarte is luxury Korean brand. When I say luxury I mean it. I really love their overnight express, and recently I tried Wonder cream and well I love it :) I really like that it leaves my skin feeling smooth and calm. Absorbs quick and don't leave a greasy feeling. Review on my Amarte Skin Care line soon :)

* Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist ~  deeply hydrating, smells good what more can I expect? Love the mist pump. Goes so well in pair with Hydrating Milky Serum. Once I spray on my face I like to pat it down and follow up with serum and viola I am ready to go :)

*SkinDeva Hyaluronic Acid ~ Serum that I apply twice a day. Clear, absorbs quick. Leaves my skin soft and smooth and whats important hydrated. Its an anti-aging skin treatment that keeps wrinkles at bay. I don't have wrinkles yet but oh men I really like this stuff. I do feel like my skin got a bit more firm though. :)

* Dr.Brandt Oxygen Facial Mask ~ When I feel like my skin feels tired and dull I use this mask and it fix it up right away :) I been loving it and this one of the best masks on the market. Full review here.

* Victoria's Secret Body Lotion "Total Attraction" ~ love the amazing floral scent ~ bright freshness of cherry orchid and lily blossom. I actually am a big fan of Bath and  body Works lotions but this one I got as a gift a while back and OMG it smells amazing and my skin feels really nice!

* Savannah Shea Butter Treatment Oil ~ I received a huge box of Savannah Products back in February and this one is so far my favorite!  I love to apply it on my hair after I am done with straightening. My hair feels amazing! They look glossy and feel silky soft. It didn't weigh down my hair or anything , plus it smells wonderful. Again review on their hair care line soon. :)

* Essence Nail Art Express Nail Drops ~ Hello Lover! hahah! this product is awesome girls! It does help with drying my nails. I been using every time I paint my nails :)


  1. Rozświetlacze i roż już skradły mi serce <3

    Kochana poklikasz w linki w najnowszym poście ? Dzięki ;*

  2. Widziałam ten podkład w sprayu na YT - cudnie wygląda na twarzy! :)

  3. Ile cudowności :) Uwielbiam tą pomadkę z NYX :)

  4. Same ciekawe produkty :)
    Pozdrawiam ;)

  5. These all look like great choices! I love the nail polish colors you picked!

  6. Ile tu dobroci:) Robisz świetne zdjęcia:)

  7. Zurich is one of my favourite NYX lip shades! I love Between the Sheets too :) Lunch Money looks gorgeous too

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  8. Cudne produkty, szczególnie zakochana jestem w Coastal Scents Z palette, kolory są przepiękne ;) ;)


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