Anastasia Beverly Hills - Riviera Palette,DewySet and Loose Highlighter

*purchased by me*

I completed my ABH eye shadow palette collection. Last month I finally purchased Modern Renaissance palette as well as the new release - Riviera palette. Well scratch that, Riviera palette was my birthday gift from my bff :) Along side with Riviera I ordered new setting spray and 1 loose highlighter from the Spring Collection.I was hoping to grab So Hollywood highlighter during Sephora sale but it is sold out online. In that case I will try to get my hands on it Monday :) Yeah I have 2 sephoras around my work...Oh the temptation!
But any who, today I will focus on what I have :)

Let's start with the most anticipated eye shadow palette,Riviera. The shining star of the collection and oh so summer worthy! It comes in a navy and white nautical material and gold lettering. Past palette had a velvet covers, this is one is different. Just to let you know, it will get dirty easy and it won't be easy to clean. Just heads up. I am very careful with my palette, and make sure my hands are clean when I touch it. Girl if I could put gloves I would!

 The palette is so beautiful and the shades inside stunning! there is 14 new shades!8 mattes, 4metallics and 2 duo chromes. The colors scream summer. Just like the name suggests it remind me of like a tropical coastal destination.You know somewhere warm,with gorgeous blue waters,yachts, soft sand and bright sun.

This palette is very aesthetically pleasing,with top row of shimmers and bottom of mattes.I like that ABH went to different direction with this palette, as all others are neutral with single pop of color. This is your colorful palette that is so good! All shades compliments each eater very well. You can create endless looks with it. For me the top row is life!I love a good shimmer shade and the ones in the palette are fantastic!


 * Sails - matte white
* Yacht - duo chrome mauve taupe with violet shift
* Seychelles - metallic aquamarine
* Palermo  - metallic jewel pink
* Seaside - duo chrome silver with blue shift
* Inheritance - metallic gold
* Mediterranean - metallic sky blue

 * Estate - matte pastel peachy pink (love!)
*Cabana - matte muted birch mustard
* Coastline - matte pastel peach
* Bahamas - matte bright hot pink (pressed pigments -will stain)
* Monte Carlo - matte cool mid tone pink
* Cannes - matte bright purple (press pigment)
* Palm - matte dark chocolate brown (press pigment)

I played with this palette for over two weeks and I really like it. I used every shade in the palette and I am really happy with my everyday looks :)
100% recommend looking into this palette if you don't own it yet :)
Good job ABH! Price $45

Now lets move on to the next two products from the Spring Collection and that is the setting spary and highlighter.

 Dewy Set Setting Spray - right off the bat I say that I LOVE the bottle!So sparkly! I kinda was hoping that there is glitter in it and boy that could look so nice sprayed on the body, but nah its just the bottle. The 'water spray' is clear and glitter free :) Of course like the name suggest you will get a nice summery dewy finish tho :) I'm not big on dewy spray as I have oily skin. But I love how nice it made my makeup look. Also it is their first setting spray and it is the BOMB! On the side note the bottle spray is same as MAC Fix+, so if you are a fan of that (who isn't) you will love this! The scent is pure tropical summer scent - coconut and vanilla. It refreshes the skin without disturbing makeup. Sounds great right? Well I love my bottle and I use it every day :) Price $26

Loose Highlighter - Snowflake- just to be safe I went with the lightest shade. Plus cooler toned and almost white highlighters look good on my skin :) Its silvery white shade, it has translucent base with fine shimmer and sparkles that when applied on the skin it give a wet glowy look. This highlighter paired with setting spray is a dream come true. Love how wet and glowy it look.And I been wearing it for a past two weeks now. So Hollywood is on my wish list. Like I mention at the beginning of my post I will try to get it from the store,coz it is sold out online. There is a third shade in the collection but personally it is way too dark on me, so I am skipping that one :) Price $25

How about you? Did you pick up anything from this collection? Are you planing? Share your thoughts in comments :)


  1. Faktycznie kolory palety są oszałamiające! 😍

  2. Kolory typowo letnie, ale ja z nich akurat nie robiłabym zbyt częstego użytku :)

  3. Mimo, że te kolory to nie moja bajka to ta paleta jest przepiękna :)

  4. Śliczne kolory ma ta paletka chętnie bym jej użyła! :)

  5. Ale fajne butelki z maca i anastazji :D

  6. Jakie kolory! <3 używałabym wszystkiego :D Miłego dnia!

  7. I love the shimmery eye shadows! They are such pretty colours! XXX

  8. Kolory ładne, ale totalnie 'nie moje'

  9. Paleta Anastasii ma piękne kolory, ale raczej się na nią nie skuszę, bo rzadko aż tak szaleję z odcieniami ;)

  10. Moim zdaniem bardzo fajna jest ta paleta.

  11. Kolory sa bajeczne, ale ja nie wiedziąłabym co z nimi zrobić :)

  12. Paletka świetnie się prezentuje ^^ Kolorki bardzo mi się spodobały :D

  13. uwielbiam to jak cudownie zawse prezentujesz produkty!

  14. Jak dla mnie wcześniejsze palety Anastasi są jakieś takie bardziej przemyślane i unikatowe:( Pozdrawiam:***

  15. Śliczne kolorki :D Każdy może znaleźć coś dla siebie :D

  16. The palette is just gorgeous! I am not very into colour, but the shades are very pretty xx

    Gemma • ❤️

  17. Such a stunning palette! I'm in love! ♥︎

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  18. I prefer the lighter one, pink is my favorite color, this looks very shiny, I want to try it.
    Like your blog, thank you for sharing.
    luxhairshop lace closure free part

  19. Urocze produkty! Muszę przyznać, że kolory palety mnie oczarowały, zwłaszcza te błyszczące
    ostatnio lubuję się w brokacie i połysku :)
    Pozdrawiam ciepło ♡

  20. Marzę o paletce z Anastacii ;) Może w tym roku na urodziny sobie zafunduje ;)
    Obserwujemy? zacznij i daj znać u mnie :)

  21. Same cudeńka widzę :D Jeszcze nie miałam żadnej palety ABH ;)

  22. O matko co za kolory <3 Zakochałam się w tych paletach.

  23. Riviera jest absolutnie przepiękna!

  24. same perełki kochana !<3 zapraszam również do mnie

  25. Piękne kolorki :)
    Zapraszam także do siebie na nowy post - KLIK

  26. What a great collection! I love the bright colours in the palettes, they both look so nice for spring and summer makeup looks! :)

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  27. The colours in the Riviera Anastasia eyeshadow palettes are beautiful! I love the ranges of colours and how vibrant all of the metallics, chromes and matte look. I have never used a setting spray before but it sounds good.

  28. Love these great findings! Thanks for sharing!

    Nahid |

  29. Bardzo kuszą mnie te palety, mają piękne kolory i wykończenia :)

  30. I think the Riviera palette looks gorgeous but I haven't bought it because I don't know if I'd wear the colours very much. it's beautiful though! xx

    Beautylymin | BeeGood Skincare Bundle Giveaway


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