Glow AF with Wet n Wild MegaGlow Highlighters - Shop my stash (part 2)

*all purchased by me*

Another post of shop my stash :) And more highlighters! Like I mention before I love a good highlighter. And if its affordable I love it even more. 
Wet n Wild MegaGlow highlighters are a HOT! I don't believe I met a person who would not like it. You want to glow to the Moon and back? Wet n Wild got you covered. 

As of right now there is 7 permanent shades, I think they are permanent. And recently WNW released 2 more. Through out the months there was few limited edition ones that I own and will be talking about as they are still available. Also I am ordering right now, while writing this blog the new shades. I will grab only one for now - Bloom Time and it look like it will be up my alley :) The other new shade is Awesome Blossom. 

The first two shades that came out back in 2016 were Precious Petal and Crown of my Canopy. And yes everyone including me went crazy for it. I say that Precious Petal is better friend for lighter skin toned girls than Crown of my Canopy. Precious Petals is pretty champagne gold, that I been using a ton! and Crown of my Canopy is coppery gold.

(Flower of my Canopy on the top, Precious Petal bottom)

The formula is very soft and very reflective.

Wet n Wild after seeing how popular these were released more color! Next 4 shades are a whole new level :) 
* Blossom Glow ~ very pale pink and very reflecting. Perfect for fair skin tones. 
* Golden Flower Crown ~ medium warm gold with metallic finish
* Botanic Dream ~ rosy pink with frosty finish. Beautiful!
* Royal Calyx ~ cool light lavender. I bet not everyone's cup of tea. :)

(swatches from the left Golden Flower Crown, Botanic Dream, Blossom Glow and Royal Calyx)

Also in permanent rage is shade called Diamond Lily ~ beautiful icy blue toned highlighter :) I dunno I love shades like this and yes I do wear them sometimes :)

Another one I bought but not wore is Pink Ashes, form I am guessing Halloween collection. Just like the name suggest it is ashy pink and I don't think it would look good on the cheek bones, but I bet it will make a great eyeshadow:)

Then WNW released few Limited Edition shades as well as palettes. I have not bought palettes tho. 
First they were two highlighters in a white packaging ~ Lilac to Reality and The Sweetest Bling. To be honest until now I have not open them. I just bought on some kind of super sale over at WNW a while back and just stash them in my drawer.

 I think these came out back in 2017. Not sure. The Sweetest Bling is pale pink and it looks like up my alley :) I like they way it swatches so I guess I need to play with it more. Lilac To Reality is a cool lavender with blue undertone :) 

Then we have 3 highlighters from Fire and Ice Limited Edition collection inspired by Game of Thrones. Actually I bought all three megaglow powders, one bronzers and 3 eyeshadow palettes :) Gimme anything GOT!
So the highlighters that come in this collection are very icy but again super beautiful. We have:
* Glow Watcher ~ pale bluish icy white silver. Really dunno how to describe it. 
* Winter Falls in LA~ warm white with pearl that shift to bluish -green sheen :)
* Halo Walkers ~ icy blue with visible sparkles. 

(swatches from left Winter Falls in LA, Halo Walkers and Glow Watcher)

Wet n Wild as you can see have everything for everyone. 
Right now I am waiting for my new order and can't wait for new collections to drop! :)

Do you own WNW megaglow powders? which are your faves?


  1. Łooo, jaka różnorodność kolorystyczna :) Chyba najlepiej czułabym się w wariantach 'Blossom Glow' i 'Golden Flower Crown' :)

  2. Żałuję, że nie mam już dostępu do tej marki :P

  3. Inspirowane Grą o Tron, to ciekawe ;)

  4. Those highlighters come in the prettiest shades!


  5. I love these cool powders! The shades are so pretty.

  6. What an insane collection! I have Blossom Glow and love it a lot xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  7. Podobają mi się za ten mokry efekt *.*

  8. Wow! jaka różnorodnośc, każdy z nich piękny

  9. I've never tried Wet N Wild Highlighters but I really need to give them a try. I've heard so many positive reviews.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  10. i love Precious Petal ! such a pretty shade ! wet n wild are always killing it with their products!

  11. Cudowne produkty! Wszystkie bardzo mi się podobają :)
    Pozdrawiam ciepło ♡

  12. nic dla mnie;D zbyt słodzisznie i cukierkowo ;)

  13. Ale kolory wow! Pozdrawiam :)

  14. Piękny efekt, wszystkie piękne :)

  15. Mam rozświetlacz tej marki i jest świetny. Te cukierkowe kolory ładnie będą wyglądały na oczach:).

  16. Pięknie się prezentuje :)
    Zapraszam także do siebie na nowy post - KLIK

  17. You have such an amazing collection of wet-n-wild megaglow powders and highlighters. II completely agree with you that all of the are amazing. All of shades are so beautiful, but my favorite are those inspired with Game of Thrones. So unique and cool.

    New Post -

  18. Wyglądają obłędnie! Muszę się za nimi rozejrzeć :)

  19. Śliczne! Kompletnie nie znam tej firmy, nie mialam żadnego kosmetyku.

  20. Wyjątkowo kolory przypadły mi do gustu.

  21. Fajnie wyglądają, takie słodziaki ;)


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