Sunday Riley U.F.O face oil and Martian Toner ~ new in my skin care

*pr sample*

Hi beauties!

This post been long coming. it was supposed to be up last month, but because of my chaotic schedule I had to postpone it. 

I love good skin care and Sunday Riley is one of the best I tried so far. Their two otherworldly products UFO and Martian became my favorites! 
The Martian Toner I owned before in a sample size (100pts Sephora perk) and I fell in love with the first application. later, when i received a full size product form Sunday Riley I was so happy! 
I was send both UFO Oil and Martian toner that targets oily/acne skin concerns. 
As a not so proud owner of a oily skin, both products were lifesavers.

Martian Mattifying  Melting Water Gel Toner , gosh thats a one long name! I call it Martian Toner
:) simple and easy hehehe. As I mention before I got a sample size at Sephora a while back. Sunday Riley was the skin care brand that was praised by bloggers all over the world. I stumbled upon so many blog posts and read so many great reviews on their products. When I saw it Martian toner at 100pts sephora perk I decided to get it. First off I wanted to see if the hype was real, coz let e honest the price point is rather high! And I am that kind of person who don't like to purchase a cosmetics or any other product and than return it. Anyways , back to the toner. I was actually sold on word mattifying. For us oily skin people mattifying is important :) We don't want to look like a grease ball right? This toner is not like any other toner I used before. It have a unique gel to water formula.  
What I mean by that is that it comes out in a gel formula and once you massage in the skin it changes to water and it sinks fast. It have a cooling effect and mattifies instantly. It can be used morning and night. I personally prefer morning. It creates a great base for foundation and it keeps my skin matte throughout the day.  Available here $55 (4.4oz)

Key ingredients :
* Bendonite Clay ~ mattify and reduce size of pores
* Marshmallow extract ~ reduce redness and soothe irritation
* Cucumber and Witch Hazel ~ tone and tighten
* Manuka Leaf Oil ~ natural antibacterial properties that help fights breakouts

U.F.O that stands for Ultra Clarifying Face Oil, ok so I became on facial oil junkie, thanks to Jamey! She is my inspiration. I can read her blog on skin care and look through her IG page all day. She is the one who got me more into skin care. 
I was a bit skeptical to oils at first. Come on I have an oily skin and why on earth would I put more oil on? Well some oils work wonders and they help to balance the skin :) Just like this one . UFO oil I simply adore you. This oil is meant to fight acne, breakouts and blackheads. It has 1.5% salicylic acid, tea tree oil and black cumin seed oil to help fights acne with out over drying It also have licorice root and hexyresrcinol, both natural ingredients to brighten a dull skin. 
Oil have a thick consistency and have a very pleasant herbal scent. And you guys its green! Now i get the idea with name UFO :) its does look like it came to me form other planet . 
 I prefer using it night time. After cleaning and moisturizing my face I drop few droplets on my palms and massage into the skin. It soaks imminently and leaves my ski hydrated and smooth. After using it for few weeks straight I notice that my face is less greasy in the morning and my pores are smaller :)  Available here $80 (1.18floz/35ml)

thanks to both products I got my acne under control.

OPI Infinite Shine "Linger Over Coffee" and Infinite Shine Fiji Collection "Do You Sea What I Sea" swatches and review

*pr sample*

Hello to another nail post :) This time I will show you swatches of my two, new OPI polishes.
New meaning I got them , ummmm like 2 months ago more  or less. 
OPI polishes are amazing. They are the ones that last the longest on my nails. The new Infinite Shine formula with the primer and top coat stays put up to 2 weeks. win win for me! I said it many times already I love nail polishes. over all love painting my nails and changing colors every other day. Coz why not!? 

My two new colors that joined OPI family are simply gorgeous!

First super pretty summer blue is from FIJI collection, in the shade "Do You Sea What I Sea?".
Fiji collection is inspired by Fiji Island, it embrace color and  captures the essence of the lush, unspoiled terrain ~ evoking an emotional response and offering a spiritual connection to the environment.  there is 12 shades in a collection and all are available in Gel Color, Infinite Shine and Nail Lacquer formulas. 

I have my in Infinite Shine. Do you sea what I sea is the most beautiful blue ever! I don't own anything like this color. Is perfect for spring and summer but also I can see my self wearing it in winter. The formula is sheer, you need at least 2-3 coats for the color to be opaque. It goes on even without streaks.  It is really shimmery! It have a purple-blue shift. I adore this color! I had it on for about 10 days when it started to chip. Not bad! I used both base and top coat. Right now my toes rock this color and I love it! cant wait to pull out my flip floops and show it off!

second OPI polish is  "linger over coffee", also Infinite shine formula.ah again this color is breathtaking. I say perfect for like end of summer and beginning of Fall. Pretty , warm brown with pale pink undertones. It might not be everyone cup o tea.. or coffee. I personally love darker nails. I don't own much browns so I am happy that this one joined my collection. 
This one wore around 6-7 days before start to chip. I didn't use base or top coat with it. 

Do you guys like OPI polishes?
 Do you have a favorite?

*disclaimer ": both shades were send to me from #octolyfamily for #honestreview #gifted. Opinion is my own.

Lancôme L' Absolu Rouge - Hydrating Shaping Lipstick ~ swatches and review

*pr sample*

L' Absolu Rouge Lipsticks are simply divine. After 25 years they got  they got re-vamped and come in new black sleek, click-to-close tube. Don't worry there is an instruction on the box. I admit was a bit confused and had no clue how to opened it LOL. The tube is sleek lacquer with signature Lancome rose as a gold domed seal on the cap- with just one push of the rose , the lipstick is revealed.  The L'Absolu was created by Lisa Eldridge. 

 4 shades I got:

* 202 Nuit & Jour ~ Sheer nude. Perfect for everyday wear. This would look so nice if it was matte or even cream formula. Overall i like this one a lot! Like I said prefect for every day :)

* 132 Caprice ~ creamy red. Super sexy red! If you love reds you need this one in your stash :) applies really smooth and buttery . Amazing texture and super vibrant red! Summer  red for sure!

* 397 Berry Noir ~ matte berry shade. Oh if you like your vampy lips that this one is for you. Opaque in one swipe, best part non drying formula! this matte not only last long but it feels comfortable! 

* 378 Rose Lancome ~ matte pink. Im not a fan of pinks, but wow this is is just gorgeous! Matte fuschia pink that can be worn all year round. I think its prefect for all seasons. Same matte opaque, long lasting and comfortable formula like with Berry noir. 

I am in love! I have never tired that lipstick range before. I really like the formula on all. Creamy and mattes are really long lasting, and they do feel really good on the lips. Colors are stunning !  Nuit & Jour is really sheer and it give a nice glossy look, which I really like. With the minimum makeup I wear these days I say Yes to it :) 

They are ulta luxurious ! Available in 44 shades and 3 finishes ~ sheer, cream and matte. You can gbt them anywhere where Lancome is sold : Sephora, Ulta, Lancome online, Macys, Bloomingdles. 

Price $32 each

* disclaimer : Lipsticks were #gifted to me by Lancome and Octoly  #octolyfamily for #honestreview. Opinions are my own.  

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Corrector ~ swatches and review

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Hi Loves!

Today I want to show you my new goodies from Lancome.
The brand launched recently few new products.
Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Correctors are one of it. Ultra  pigmented, full coverage that hides skin imperfections.
 It addresses following skin concerns : redness, dullness, dark spots, under eye dark circles, sallowness and acne scars.
Blends really well, and remember a little goes a long way.

Green ~ neutralize redness for light to medium  skin tones

 Lavender ~ brightness sallowness for light to medium  skin tones

Yellow ~ brightness dullness for light to medium skin tones and minimizes dark spots and circles for fair complexion

Peach ~ minimize dark spots , dark circles and acne scars on medium skin tones

Orange/red ~ minimizes dark spots circles and acne scars on deeper skin tones

I really enjoy them ! Especially the green one that helps me with my redness. Formula is really pigmented! One dot can cover your face ! It don't cake or crease. I am still playing with rest of it, but the green one is amazing. If you look for a good green corrector check it out! Next stop i want to try the concealers! If the formula is similar I know I will be hooked on it!

Price $31

*disclaimer mentioned products were #gifted to me by Lancome and Octoly #octolyfamily for #honestreview.

Multi-Misting with Pixi Beauty Mists

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Hi Loves,

Welcome in this gorgeous day :) Lets talk about face mists today :) I know I love them , how about you?  I can't imagine misting my face before and after I apply makeup or even a skin care.
Pixi Beauty mists were first ones I tried. Currently they own 5 mists, but I will talk only about 4 which I currently own.

Hydrating Milky Mist 

This one is my favorite. This is my first mist I tried form PIXI range few months ago and fell in love.
This one is great when you have a dry skin. And during winter's month my skin got dry.
It provides an instant boost of hydration with hyaluronic acid to plump the skin. As well it contains black oat, linoleic acid and pro vitamin A to hydrate and soothe. I really like the scent of this one. This mist is always with me, because sometimes during the day I need a boost of hydration.

Makeup Fixing Mist

It has a rose water and green tea formula that helps set makeup and keeps it in place all day. Can be use as a primer and setting mist. Two in one solution , amazing right? It helps powders melts into the skin and gives a beautiful almost air brushes look. Skin don't look cakey.

Glow Mist

This is the mist that people can stop raving about. This mist once you spray it makes you skin looks brighter and glow-y! It contains 13(!) oils, aloe vera and fruits extracts that protects and hydrates the skin.  So if you skin is dry and dull and need some dewiness this mist is for you! I only use it weekends when I don't wear makeup. I spritz it all over my face . I tried with my makeup as a setting makeup spray but unfortunately my oily skin don't like it that way.

Vitamin Makeup Mist

its a vitamin boosting toner that works so good as soonest I wake up.  This mist been on my list for a quite some while. Its made with orange blossom water base enrich with citrus fruit extracts, lavender and arginine to hydrate and strength the skin. It does have a citrus scent and it feels energizing .  I like to use it the most mornings after washing my face.

I personally enjoy each of the mists. Adding them to both my makeup and skin care routine is a game changer :) Mists are lightweight and the idea of multi misting is fab!

Have you try PIXI mists or any other?

PIXI mists are available at Target and PIXI website.
Price $15 each

Algenist Reveal Concentrated Luminizing Drops ~ Swatches and Review

*pr sample*

Hey Loves!

Hope you all are great and like me looking forward to warmer weather. As I am writing this post (don't know when it will go up) NYC area is being hit by a snow storm. Due to all above ground subways being suspended, I am chilling at home :) I did go out to get a creamer for my coffee and that is it! Its icy rain, cold and windy! So yeah I am better off at home preparing new blog post for you. 
A while ago I got a really nice PR package form Algenist. I screamed when I saw reveal Luminizing drops inside! I wanted to try them so bad! As I said many times before I am a highlight junkie. 

There are three shades :
* Pearl ~ contain silver pigments 
* Champagne ~ contain gold pigments 
* Rose ~ contain pink pigments 

These hybrid serum highlighters are not the "in your face" type of highlighters. The more subtle side and give a soft glow to the skin. It also helps to correct and uneven skin tone while providing anti age benefits.  The focus of the drops is to nourish skin, reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. while providing radiance. 
The drops are packed in a beautiful frosted glass bottle with a dropper. There is also a very pleasant scent to it, which I really really like :).

A little goes a long way. The can be mix with foundation, moisturizer or by itself. I like to use them as a highlight on top of my foundation. Gosh they do give a beautiful "glow form within". I use wither my fingers or beauty sponge to apply, either works just fine. They don't feel greasy nor they sink into my pores. I really enjoy the soft glow I get :)  The consistency is thin and not watery. 
The shades i use the most are Pearl and Rose :) I was so drawn to both :) for a gal with cool undertones like me these shades are fabulous. 

What else I like about them is that there is no glitter in it . Beautiful sheen without being overwhelming.  I don't own many liquid highlights but I did  swatches the CoverFX custom drops and compare to these the other ones are way more intense and more metallic. Don't get me wrong I will still get the lightest shade from CoverFX . 

I like Algenist Drops. If you looking for subtle glow with out being to intense check them out. 
They are lovely , they mix great with foundation and they contain great skin benefits :) Whats more to ask! 

They can be found @ Sephora and Algenist website. 

xoxo Monica 

Beauty Favorites 2017 ~ March

Hi loves!

yes! I am keeping my monthly game strong so far! I haven't miss a month hahah!

better late than never :) I am already planning my April Faves hahah! there is so many products I been loving ! 

Let's just jump to my favorites :) I have few products to mention :)


Let start with a glow! Oh guys I love a good highlight :) Here are two that I been using on and off past month. Pixi Beauty AspynOvard London Lustre ~ soft, velvety texture with a luminous sheen. I been obsessed with it since the first time I got my huge pr package from the brand. it looks amazing on. Second my most loved last month was by the brand 100%Pure. Gemmed Luminizer in shade Moonstone Glow, and holy moly I love it! first off the packing is gorgeous! Pink tin that hold this beauty inside. The highlight is simply stunning! Icy pink that looks really good on my fair skin. I am so grateful to Octoly and 100% Pure for choosing me to review this baby!:)
Kiss NY Pro eye shadow palette in Demeter is simply beautiful. Love the color selection. I like how they names their palettes after Greek goddesses :) I am a huge mythology fan if you didn't know :)This palette will get more use in incoming months as well :) Yes the colors are very spring like in my opinion :) ELF Cosmetics Lip Exfoliate~ after winter my lips are in super bad condition. I been  using ELF's exfoliate few times a week hahah! seriously tho for a price this gem does a great job at removing dead skin cells from lips and leaves them soft. Once i am done I reach for Milani's Moisture Lock oil infused lip treatment. Now I heard so many mixed reviews but I like it. Add shine and well after exfoliating my lips add moisture. 


L'Occitane Immortelle Oil makeup remover, this stuff is amazing! I been using it on and off and I still go back to it. The best oil makeup remover. As you can see I am almost half way done with it hahha! two pumps and all my makeup is gone. It don't leave a greasy residue and it won't make your eyes blurry. SebaMed Face and Body Wash, well for me is just a face wash. I like it. very gentle and cleans away all the dirt and left over makeup, works great with my Soniclear Petitte by Michael's Todd beauty. This brush is life! You can check a review that I posted few days ago :) Hydrating Milky Mist by Pixi Beauty, if you don't have you , you have to run and get it. I can not live with out this! I spray it before makeup and after and few times during the day :) a must have for me :) did I mention its really lightweight and smells amazing? I just received a pr from PIXI including all their mist, so yes stay tuned for a blog post next month., all about multi-misting :)


A new category ? why not. two my most loved fragrances are by Estee Lauder -Modern Muse  La Rouge and Modern Muse  La Rouge Gloss. To be honest I can't pick my favorite out of the two. Both smell amazing. 
Modern Muse La Rouge Gloss is more fruity and La Rouge is more rosy-berry vanilla kind of scent. I actually will be getting another Modern Muse perfume very soon. So I might write a post next month on it. I will own 4 bottles so I can compare and tell you which I like the most :)


I have not change much in my hair routine. But there are few products and tools I been loving for a past few months. Bio Silk Straighting Titanium Iron, this a new launch for Bio Silk and you guys so worth every penny! Straights my long, really long hair fast and it makes them look so beautiful! Before I start with it I use Bio Silk Thermal Mist or Living Proof Mist. I find both working really good on my hair :) and yes I like them both :) Madam CJ Walker Bressica Seed Hair Oil is a MUST HAVE! I been putting it on my hair every other day and I see so many changes! my hair is not as dry as before and they feel silky soft and look healthy! 

Michael's Todd Beauty Soniclear Petite ~ my go to facial brush

*pr sample*

Hey Loves,

A quick review of Michael's Todd beauty Soniclear facial brush. 
I reviewed it before, but recently I got a new one, so
here is a review once again.

Like I said many time clean skin is a happy skin. Its a must. And for someone who plays in makeup-land its really important. 
I use face brush all the time and my skin feels and looks better. Investing in a device like Soniclear is really good idea you guys. :) I said it many times I do prefer this face brush over Clarisonic. First off I feel like it clean my face better and second brush head last longer ( you don't have to change it for 6 months , Clarisonic you need to do so every 3 months ).

I have acne/sensitive skin by the way. The brush on the device is soft it never irritate my skin, it was never to harsh. The head don't spin but it vibrates. Cleanse all the dirt and leftover makeup away with ease. Soniclear is a sonic skin cleansing brush with build in antimicrobial protection against stain, odor causing bacteria. Sonic cleansing can create a breeding ground for microbial contamination when skin cells, makeup and moisture residue combine with bacteria that cling to the brush bristles between cleansing. It also means that you don't have to replace head as often as with other similar devices.

There are also 3 cleaning speeds that you can adjust to your preference (Low, Medium, High).  
another great thing is that once you start washing your face, it will beep every 20 seconds to tell you to move to other part of your face. I fin this really helpful!

If you have MIA you can notice that the charging is almost same. I said almost ... well there is same attaching charger that just cling to your device ( see pictures below) but it also comes with a charging stand. you can slide the charger in and leave you Soniclear upright until finish charging and even after. I keep my upright all the time. The charging cord is universal. It ends with an USB and you can plug it in any charger. So with that said if you travel to other country and thy have different outlet, you just don't have to worry. Plug into anything that USB fits. Which will works so good for me, coz next time I go back to my country I can bring my Soniclear with me :)

Michael's Todd recently launched new designs for their Soniclear Petite! 10 new fun  designs and colors to choose from.
I already had a pink one before and now I got one called Hawaiian Bliss. This design is so beautiful! Mix of red and blue flowers all over , ahhh just brightness my day already :)

You can find it on Michael Todd's Website ~ $89

and did I mention its cruelty free?

What do you use ? Do you use face brushes?

xo Monica

Weekly Skin Care Picks #1

*pr sample*

Hey Loves,

So I decided that every Sunday I will be showing you my skin care picks from  a week before. 
I used to change  my skin care daily,  but it would be hard to write a post based on that. I would have to either combine the posts or post everyday. And we all know that daily posting is not for me. Sometimes I do have a busy schedule and well post don't go up the time they supposed to.  So with that said I guess Sunday is the best day for the skin care posts to go up.  so let  me show you what products I was using the entire week. 

 Lets start with cleaning my face with Kezo Amazing Cleansing Water ($25).  This is a great refreshing micellar water, that cleanse face and eyes, removing makeup and impurities. Like with all Micellar waters I apply it on a cotton pad and simply clean my face. My skin after looks and feels fresh. The Ginger Plant Essence: cultivated especially for Kenzo in the Chinese providence Shangdong, ginger grows in sandy plains. Naturally rich in mineral salt and essential oils, it help produce a healthy glow and radiance boost.  The skin looks review. The Yuzu extract, native to China, it help to combat skin dryness. To obtain extract, the fruit is picked in October when it is most juicy. Yuzu extract helps to increase water level in skin cells. 
 After that I go with  Ziaja Manuka Tree Cleansing Gel ($12.99). This is great pick for oily/acne skin people. It smooths irritation and calms down the redness. It is very gentle and efficient. Manuka Leaves Extract is a key ingredient, used to solve oily and combination skin problems. Has antibacterial properties, deeply cleans and eliminates bacteria causing acne. This bottle my mom send it to me all the way from Poland. Ziaja Cosmetics is really popular polish brand. In Poland my whole family uses Ziaja . Me, personally I remember using a bronze body lotion. Oh how many bottles I went through it's insane. 
Next step is to combine CelleCle skin care Multi Glow A Night Treatment ($98) and Clarins Booster Detox ($39). Let me start by saying that CelleCle skin care packing is freaking gorgeous! Wow! feels so luxurious just like the product that comes out of it. I been actually using this night treatment for two weeks! This treatment product infuses skin with the perfect synergy of pure, time released Retinol and a scientifically proven Bio Retinoid. Overnight application leaves skin feeling and looking smoother, firmer and brighter. In addition, skin friendly sugars lock in moisture, for hydration, while purifying Chinese Licorice keeps complexion calm, clear and healthy. It helps to even out skin tone and diminishes appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. There is no scent to it. It sinks into the skin and skin just feels good. I like to mix it with Clarins Booster Detox.  It contain green coffee extract to counteract the visual toll of partying, pollution, stress and indulgence. Booster gently purifies and detoxes skin for clearer and more refreshed complexion. A must have for people who lives in a big cites. Booster can not be use alone. Best is to mix with a night cream, serums etc. just add 3 to 5 drops. The booster is not for a everyday use tho. I use it once or twice a week, just when my skin really needs it. I know the bottle might look tiny but it will last you for long time. I like the built in dispenser which helps to get the right amount of product, just simply tap on it and the drops will come. It will not leak or spill :) 
The last product that goes on my skin is my beloved  Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior ($95). Thanks to Octoly I got a chance of trying Kate's products and gosh i love them.  Wrinkle Warrior was the second product i received. This all in one serum and moisturizer plumps up the skin using three sizes of  hyaluronic acid. It is lightweight and helps to fight wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet. It absorbs fast and leaves satin finish. It also improves appearance of skin firmness and elasticity.  It can be use day and night. It does not clog pores and works good with my oily skin. Plus I like the scent :) Yes it does have a fragrance :) 

So this are the pick for this week. Next week I will try to use some drugstore products :)
Did you try any of the above? Or you have any on a wishlist?

xo Monica

Pur Cosmetics Vanity Palettes ~ Dream Chaser and Goal Digger

*pr sample*

Hey loves,

Excited to see Pur Cosmetics launching new palettes! and gosh how fun are they :) They are not like your typical palettes :) Just wait and see for yourself :)

Two new palettes Dream Chaser and Goal Digger just  launched and are available on ($36 each).

Each palette contains 4 eye shadows, a blush, a brozner and a highlight. Inside is also a big mirror that ... wait for it .... is retractable standing mirror that transform the palette into your own little vanity :)  How cool is that! I took me a while tho to figure the mirror thing out hahaha! But i is so easy! once you open the palette , pull the mirror upward and taadaa perfect little vanity for all the touch ups and well makeup on the go :)
I love the idea! 

Now lets talk about the palettes. 

Goal Digger ~ contains shimmer shades. So if you are a fan of all sparkly products this one is for you :) It comes in reflected shiny packaging that is a finger magnet! so watch it :) it took forever to clean this little guy up after I played with it . LOL my weird ocd! I don't like to see finger prints all over hahah! but oh well :)  

Dream Chaser ~ contains matte and more neutral shades. so yeah ,matte junkies this one is for you. The packaging on this is matte. Therefor you can tell them apart, if you have both that means. 
Same for the outer packaging . Box is either matte or shiny. 

the names are not printed inside of the palette (bummer) but you can find them on the back of the box (which I can't find anywhere ) . i guess since it is a smaller or portable size palette they don't have space ? I don't know . 

Overall I really like both palettes. the products are nicely pigmented and they look great on the skin. The only thing I didn't like that the eye shadow were together in the same pan. There was nothing that separated them and with that they kinda mix together. In Dream Chaser its ok coz colors are same color scheme, but Goal Digger have a light and dark together and i have to be extra careful and not to mix them. 
I really like the face products in both. They are soft buttery and overall beautiful looking. 

What do you guys think? Do you like the idea of the palette? Which one is calling you name?

Click Here to be redirected to pur website (not affiliate)

till next time!
xo  Monica 
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