Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette ~ swatches

Second post this year, and this time I show you my must have Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette. 
Holy smokes this palette is breathtaking! Contains 16 shades - 4 mattes and 12 shimmer/foiled/metallic, that are infused with cocoa powder (yes it smells really yummy once you open it) and real gold. 

The colors are stunning! It is a nice wearable palette with few pops of colors. 
As to previous launch of White Chocolate Bar (which I won't be getting) I had a high expectation. And really it blew my socks off! I order it from Sephora website. I didn't even bother to go and swatch it. I usually do that. When new product launch I go to Sephora and "touch" it before I spend my money on it. 

The packaging is really beautiful! Its a regular Too faced Chocolate bar with a gold  chocolate melting all over  it. It looks really luxurious! The packaging is very sturdy plastic. Inside  you find a full sized mirror and of course beautiful shadows. 

I personally am a fan of all sparkle, shimmery, metallic shadows. All the colors in the palette give me life! They swatch beautifully and apply really good. I use either wet brush or my finger to get that full on metallic thing going on my eyes. The mattes are really nice as well.  There is not much fall out either :) really easy to apply, blends well. I dunno this my be the best palette that Too Faced came out with this far.  On the side note, during the 50% off sale at their website I ordered Sweet peach and Semi Sweet palette, that were missing in my collection :) I am really excited for them to get here :) I also feel tempted to buy clover Palette, I dunno I don't hear many great reviews, but the shadows really look appealing to me.

Anyways getting back to the Chocolate Gold palette, below are finger swatches:

* Money Bags ~ rich green with gold shimmer
* Chocolate Gold~ bright shimmery/ metallic  yellow gold
* Rich Girl ~ shimmery/metallic taupe 
* Cocoa Truffle ~ matte chocolate brown 
* Decadent ~ matte black ( a bit patchy in my opinion)

 * Love & Cocoa ~ shimmery/ metallic burgundy
* Old Money ~ shimmery/ metallic copper
* New Money ~ shimmery pink (thought it would be more pigmented)
* Famous ~ shimmery/ metallic brozne
* Classy & Sassy ~ shimmery/ metallic rose gold (my fave)
* So Boujee ~ matte light brown

* Holla for a Dolla ~ shimmery/ metallic olive green 
* Gold Dipped ~ shimmery/ metallic gold 
* Livin' Lavish ~ shimmery/ metallic deep plum purple
* Dripping Diamonds ~ shimmery/ metallic silver (another fave)
* Rollin' In Dough ~ matte beige (looks better on the eyes than swatched)

I think this palette is not only holiday friendly but well all year round friendly :) hahah that didn't made sense right ? You can totally use it for a day to day makeup. 

New Physician's Formula The Healthy Foundation SPF 20 ~ My Thoughts

Hi Babes!

Hope your year started fabulous! My so so. I had migraines for 3 days in a row... Sucks I know, what can I do. .. :(

But anyways I am here to share with you my quick thoughts on new PF The Healthy Foundation SPF 20. Thats a mouth full don't you think ? hahaha .
On New Year's Day I went out to CVS coz a day before I got 40%off coupon and decided to use it. Bought foundation and press powder fit me for a friend and for myself fit my foundation, total temptation palette and mascara. On a way home I stopped by Rite Aid to see if there is any good makeup sales and I was welcomed with new Physician's Formula display :) Yup new foundations and illuminating primer hit my Rite Aid. And the best thing was it was buy one get 2nd free! so  I decided to pick up the foundation :) I grabbed two shades and on top of the discount I got $6 off! which made me pay less then $11 for both! total score if you ask me :)

I ran home and opened it up. I had to try it even tho it was around 4pm already, but oh well. 
First off, foundation comes in very heavy duty glass bottle. I like that I feels more expensive then it actually is. Second there is a nice shade range for the foundation. My store got around 8 on the display but I think on PF website is way more. I am super happy that PF introduce to us more shades, and not their topically Fair, Medium, Dark range. No one does 3 colors anymore. I like to see that they stepped up their game :)

What surprised me was the applicator. It like the one you get in a concealer :) I don't think I own a foundation that have this type of applicator. I do prefer pump in my foundation, but I learned how to work with this type as well :) 

Now the foundation is long wearing and build-able. Blends easily. When I use a brush to blend it in I get more of a medium  coverage, but with damped sponge gives light to medium and more natural looking. I do prefer sponge. I really like how healthy and natural it looked.  I really did like how it wore too. I did get oily throughout the day but that's normal hahah . God sometimes I hate my skin.   On my oily skin lasted 8h. Which is good.  I used it on top of Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer. I bought my in shades LC1 and LN4. Combined they are really nice match to my skin.

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 It contains all skin friendly ingredients. One of them is Hyaluronic Acid, which supposed to improve skin tone appearance. Vitamin A, C and E help hydrate and nourish, while SPF 20 helps again sun rays. 

(slightly blended)

Overall I really enjoyed it. Worth trying out, since PF claims it is for all skin types :) 
I think it is one of the best foundation at drugstore. Now I need to hunt down all other new launches by the brand and there is few of it hahaha :)

Christmas Gift for Dogs ~ Clothing, toys and accessories feat. Pet Magasin

Christmas gift for your furry baby? Don't worry I got you cover :)  
For some of you who don't know, we have a dog for a quite some while. 
A little Story of our Jingles :) Yes his name is Jingles and he was born on Christmas day :)  We got him Summer 2016. We actually adopt him. The family that he was with could not keep him, so one of my good friend told us about him. To be honest we did want a dog for while. we tried to adopt Shitz Shu before Jingles, but that dog was not a good match for us. So when my friend told us about Jingles I was a little septic. Do we really need a dog?  After talking we decided to give it a try and since I picked up Jingles he stayed with us. He is the most lovable dog! he will lick you to death, he will always stand on his back legs to greet you! He is amazing! When I was sick he would sleep with me all day. talk about the love! 
He is a part of our small family. We do consider him as a son. 
And as a part of our family he will be getting Xmas presents!

Here is few ides on what I will be getting him and what can you get to you puppy. Hahaha Jingles will turn 4 yrs on 25th but I still call him my baby puppy :)

First are sweaters :) I love putting clothing on him. He is tiny and winters in NYC are pretty cold. The best deals on sweaters I found at CVS. They have this Christmas stand with Christmas clothing  and toys for dogs. I bought him one sweater last year and I loved it. It fitted perfectly and it was really adorable. This year I knew I need to get more! Plus they are really affordable! $6.99 a piece! I don't think you get cheaper then that. Even at Marshall's dog sweaters are like $10+.

The first day that I went I found only one sweater in medium size. Ughhh... After talking with CVS workers, they said they will be getting more soon. They gave me a date when the new delivery truck is in town and I made sure to go next day. And Yes I score two more sweaters and PJ, plus 25% off !

 I also decided to pick up a toy that was hanging on the side of the display. It was really cute and I bet Jingles will love it. I will be picking him up more toys form Dollar tree as well :)

Second and third gifts ideas are grooming tools and new leash.
I was so excited to get this set. It was send to me by Pet Magasin and BrandBacker.
I was send 3 brush set, nail clippers and a leash.

Lets talk about the brush set first. So it comes with three brushes: Double Sided Brush, Long tooth Undercoat Rake and De-matting Comb.

The brushes are amazing. They are very well made and look more expensive they they actually are.  The undercoat rake is a life save to any one who have a dog that sheds a lot.  My Jingles sheds a lot. Hi hair is everywhere. Ughh. When i received this set that was the first brush I tried on him and he loved it. And I noticed that after brushing him good with that brush, the shedding stop.  This brush is prefect for all size dogs and furs :)

 The second brush that I pulled and used was the double sided one. I had one from a Dollar Tree before but to be honest this one is so much better. Quality wise  of course :) Again Jingles love this brush. I used it along with the rake one. My daughter actually prefers this one and she loves brushing Jingles hair (Yorkies have a hair right not fur?)  and Jinx he will beg for more! The only brush I did not yet used it the de-matting comb. Hopefully I will soon :)

Now lets talk about something that I was excited, a new leash. When we got Jingles, the previous owners gave us his old leash. We continue use it, but its is old and when I was looking to purchase a new leash I wow they are pricey! Not easy to find good and affordable leash. But don't worry Pet Magasin got you covered! The leash that they send over is now on sale! $11 and amazing!
It is 13 ft retractable tape leash. It gives a dog a freedom  to walk around. It have a comfortable, non-slip rubberized handle. and then it have the button that lets me control the leash length.  This is what sold me on this. On my previous leash I had it too, but I guess it was broken coz I had to hold it. this one with one click, you decided how long you will let you puppy walk.
I like that it is lightweight and my daughter can take Jingles for a walk with no problems. She does love that click button too hahaha!

As for Jingles I dont know if he even care that he got a new leash, he is just happy to be outside hahah :) Also this leash comes with a poop bag holder. Here I am a little on the fence. I like it and I don't. The design is cute, but it take few minutes for me to get the bag out of it. and second it somehow slides off. I dunno why. It looks like it is secured but it slides off for now reason. I think I might put back my old poop bag holder on the new leash. Well see how it goes. Overall I am really pleased with it.

Now the nail clipper. It look awesome, but not for Jingles. I have no idea how to clip dog nails. I get it done at the grooming place. I am simply scared :( what if I cut him or something. Also I see this is fit for a medium to large dogs. My Jingles is small so I don't know It might not be for him. I might give it away as a gift to someone with a bigger dog.

Here are the links where you can find the mentioned products:
Nail Clippers - $7.87
Brush Set ~ $13.88
Leash ~ $10.99

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The last gift you can give to your dog are treats! Oh my Jingles loves them. I buy my at Rite Aid (Bacon Strips) and Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree carries a lot of nice dog treats :)

Random Trip ~ Chinatown, Lincoln Center and Central Park ~ NYC lifestyle

Saturday was supposed to be a quick Dentist visit in Chinatown and then we were supposed to go home. But. We don't go out often these days. I work full time and weekends are my cleaning and relaxing day. I rarely go out. But since we were already int he city, so why not? After our dentist appt in Chinatown we jumped in F train on East BWAY station and took uptown to Rockefeller CTR and transfer to D. Then we took it two stops to Columbus Circle and then 1 train to 66th Street Lincoln Ctr. Hahaha! confusing right? I bet if you not form around here it might be. We went all the way to 66th street to visit my sister in law who works at Garment Garage, small supermarket with very yummy foods. Its right across the street form Juliard, cant missed it. If you around in the area def check it out. They have the best Hungarian Mushroom Soup! it smells and tastes almost like the one my mom and my grandma makes!oh men I missed that soup! with Christmas around corner is miss it even more. But long story make it short. After we ate and hang out with Snow, we went to take few pics at Lincoln Center :) Nice place but outside not much to do. After we were supposed to walk down to Columbus Circle and take train home , but with Central Park right in front of us we decided to take a short walk in the park. It was cold and gloomy. But we did had lots of fun.
Here is full load of pictures! enjoy !

Random Christmas Trees in Chinatown :)

At Lincoln Center :)

In love with this Tree, right across the street of Lincoln Center

Central Park :) No matter the season always beautiful :)

till next time :)
~ Monica 
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