Kevyn Aucoin Electropop Palette ~ swatches

*pr sample*

Hi Loves! 
Again I am so thankful for Octoly for having in their free store Kevyn palette and Kevyn Aucoin for accepting me and sending it over :) 
This palette is life! Yes I might say that about all the palettes lately but come on just look at this beauty! Look at all the electric shades! and it definitely made in my top 5 eyeshadow palettes releases last year. 

This year I want to grow my Kevyn Aucoin collection. There is a lot of products that I really want to try. I already own their Neo Trio, that I can stop raving about it and got my coworker purchase it. Their Expert Mascara is wonderful, works great with their eyelash curler. Last year I went to 260 Sample Sale that was holding sample sale for Kevyn products :) I bought few, but I have not yet try them. Just wished I could went there early and well bring more cash with me hahaha. I ended up spending over $70 and I say it was a money well spend. 

Now back to the palette :) Its a limited edition filled with 12 beautiful metallic-y shades.  Neutrals and pops of color, yes give it all to me. The shadows feel lightweight and the texture is creamy, buttery almost gel like. The best color pay off is to apply with a finger. They blend nicely and there is minimum to no fall out. I am in love with almost all the shades. There is one that is kinda sheer, but still workable. The shade I am most impressed by is the back. That must be the most beautiful and most pigmented black shade I have ever seen. I usually hate black in the palettes coz they so patchy and non workable, but this, this you guys was send from heavens for all mua's to enjoy.  It is also a great base for all the other shadows. Just simply layer it over the black for the color to pop! I forgot to mention that black have a satin finish. 

* Light ~  light gold with metallic sheen
* Beam ~ medium gold with yellow undertones
* Ultraviolet ~ medium mauve
* Charge ~ golden brown
* Switch ~ fuchsia pink 
* Laser ~ medium pink (very sheer)
* Heat ~ coppery red

* Fuse ~ plum, contains glitter
* Amp ~ metallic teal
* Impulse ~ deep blue
* Hardwire ~ purple with blue undertones
* Blackout ~ satin deep black. (the best black shadow I have work with)

Overall I am really loving the shades and the palette. It one of the best metallic palettes out there. I have not buy UD Heavy Metals coz the colors didn't call for me, but this totally did. I am happy that it is in my collection and I cant wait to play more with it. This is perfect sidekick palette to all matte palettes :) I have few matte palettes that miss those pop of colors or just shimmers. I like sparkle and shimmer on my eyes :) 

*Disclaimer. Palette was send to me for review by Kevyn Aucoin and Octoly. Opinions are my own.

Chuda Skincare Healing Hydrating Cream ~ a miracle moisturizer? Review

*pr sample*

Hi Loves!

O wow it has been a while since I last posted! Month of February was really busy for me. I was getting  ready for an important event that was on March 3rd. I was so stressed... Headaches almost everyday... Nervous ... I could go on and on. I neglect my IG as well :(  I just hope it all went well and I can go back to my regular posting. 

So today let me show you a new beauty product, that I been using in past two weeks. 
I am talking about Chuda Skincare Healing Hydrating Cream. When I posted picture of the cream on my IG every one was curious about it. The name is so similar to famous Huda makeup line. But there are totally different brands. 

Here is a little history on the brand I got off the Brand Backer website:






Interesting right?

Now can we just stop and admire the packaging? I am so deeply in love with it. The red  and white never looked better and plus the gold detailing? Match made in heaven  :) I could just stare at the jar all day long and never get bored. It look so pretty on my vanity and catches eye all my visitors as well. Well done Chuda Skincare! A+ for the packaging.  Yes i know it is not about the pretty look of a jar but what it is inside. The cream. 

I took a #CHUDACHALLANGE and put aside all my regular skin care and was using only their Chuda cream. That means no creams, masks, eye creams, serums etc. Chuda Cream is supposed to replace it all.  And I did. I took Chuda challenge and I really enjoyed it. 

At first I will say that I was not really happy about it. You know why ? I used way too much hhhaha and it left my skin greasy, sticky and it wouldn't sink in. It was so unpleasant. But hello, finally I check again and this time I saw that I need to use only a pea size amount. And yes that did made a slight difference. It still feels sticky but not as much as before. I am not fun of sticky creams but I will forgive this one coz it really is good. 

The cream helped out with my redness, a lot I say. I have really sensitive skin and well when I wash my face and apply skin care I always get red. Or when the skincare won't work on me it leaves a redness behind. My sister in law noticed that. One night she was sleeping over and I applied Chuda cream and the redness was gone. It also did hydrated my skin. My skin don't feel as dry as it did before. 
The consistency is thick so I like to use it nighttime. 

This might sound weird but I am looking forward to summer and testing this cream on sunburns! I heard it works wonders! 

So lets wrap it all up:
Chuda Healing Hydrating cream supposed to:
 * be ideal for dry, damaged skin
* create a protective environment for skin to heal
* significantly reduces trans-epidermal water loss
* reduces the redness and swelling on compromised skin
* safe and gentle on sensitive and delicate skin

Active ingredients:
* Cross linked Sodium Hylauronate ~ attracts and binds up to 5000x its weight in water 
* Dromecious Oil ~ delivers fatty acids
* Allantion ~ supports wound healing and stimulate healthy grow of a new tissue
* Palmitoyl Tripeptide ~ stimulates the rapid rebuild for collagen 
 * Vitamin B, C and D

Chuda in Russian means "miracle" and indeed it is a miracle cream. I did enjoyed and I did notice difference in my skin. 

The cream can be found at CHUDA SKINCARE website.
Cost $150 for 50ml.
But Chuda offers a promo and you can get the cream for 50%off! so instead of $150 you pay $75! that is a great deal you guys and the cream itself works wonders!
 Use promo code Chuda365

*pr sample provided by Chuda Skincare and BrandBacker.

UpBra ~ Bigger Boobs, Better Cleavage ~ review

*pr sample*

Hello Loves

Today I have non makeup related review. A bra review to be precise. 
I do love bras and I love to shop for them. I get most of my bras at Marshall's these days. Sometimes I might walk in to VS and pick my fave Bombshell bra but let's be honest they are so pricey that I decided to stick to Marshalls. 

Before Christmas I was approached by UpBra team and asked to try and review their bras. I said yes right away coz well I heard of UpBra before and I always wanted to try it. 

I love push up bras, the more push up the better in my opinion. My boobs are not too small and not too big. I used to be 34B but after gaining weight and well having a baby all these years ago, i am stuck on 38C now. And I will tell you it is hard to find a good bra in that size. 

Anyways back to UpBra. I was asked to choose two styles and they would send it to me. 
I went with Strapless black bra and Convertible bra also in black. I wanted one in red but since they didn't have I took black coz most the clothing I wear is dark anyways. 

So when I got the package I was excited. When I opened I was kinda ... hmm... surprised. Both bras look exactly the same. Like I didn't know which one was strapless and which was convertible.  They both came with straps on the side. Do you know what I mean? I have two exact same bras! both are same size, both are strapless and both are black! If I knew that earlier I would grab a different color or even design. I dunno I am kinda disappointed here. 

Ok but lets put that aside and talk about the actual bra. How exactly does it work!?
You can all watch many YT videos being made and see how it works. The UpBra function is a lifting mechanism - bra straps. The cleavage control straps are underneath  the bra cups, you simply pull the straps and they will lift cups and breasts upwards and towards the center . When you have the desire look of your breast you simply hook the straps in place. And voila! fuller breast and better looking cleavage. 

What I loved the most about it tho? is that the strapless bra stayed in place the whole time! I don't know how they did it but that is the first bra that stayed on with out moving or sleeping or falling or what ever. I wore it for the office Christmas party and with all the dancing and jumping the bra was in place. 

The only thing I didn't like about this bra is the wiring. Is that how you call it LOL? the bra wires were making so much sound when I was moving. Plus when I pull the cups together they didn't look good... the whole underneath wire area looked really weird. when it was on me. I dunno why and the sound omg LOL , that is the only weird part I didn't like. 
Over all the strapless bra is amazing coz it will stay on no matter what. 
Personally can't wait for Spring and Summer when I can wear them and well show off more of my cleavage! Just gotta figure out first how to stop that weird wire sound LOL

Shop UpBra here 

What I found at Marshalls ~ Anastasia Beverly Hills Haul

When you see on IG people posting their finds from Marshalls and TJ Maxx, you know you need to stop by yours. 

So yes a lot of people keep finding ABH products at their Marshalls. I went out last week, and boom I found few great gems!

First off I was lucky to find untouched and in perfect condition Aurora Glow palette for only $24.99! 
My Marshalls had few of them but most were badly damaged. I am not going to show you any swatches of this palette, sorry. I want to concentrate on liquid lipsticks!
Aside of the Aurora Glow kit I grabbed 4 single shadows for $3.99 each. I will make a separate post on it or I will just do a post on my Instagram. 

Now, liquid lipsticks. I grabbed 8 in total. Those were all the shades that my Marshalls had.I actually went twice. In the morning I grabbed 4 and then few hours later I grabbed remaining shades. I couldn't help myself!
The liquid lipsticks were only $6.99 each, such a steal! I see on IG pics that other Marshalls and Tj Maxx's carry more shades and they also have lip glosses priced same. 

It is great that I was able to get Catnip. I been wanting this shade for like ever and now it is finally mine! 

I will be definitely going back and checking for new delivery! I want all that I can get! 
How about you? did you find anything at your Marshalls and TJ Maxx? If you didn't check your Marshalls in a while, then don't just walk, run! 

January Beauty Favorites ~ 2018

Let's see if I can post favorites every month. I will try tho. 
So yes we are officially in February. I felt like January was dragging tho. So slow and so depressing. Definitely not my month. Got sick, got a tooth ache that lasted for over a week, got sick again. Ugh i could go on and on. 
But you guys are not here to read me complaining ( did that even made sense ) hahah~ 

Anyways here are few of my favorites 

Primers ~ two that I been using on and off. Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing and Pop Beauty Zero Shine primer.  Both are amazing. Both minimize pores and keep my face oil free and both nicely work with foundations. But to be honest I found myself using more POP Beauty one over the SmashBox. I feel like the Zero Shine hydrates my skin more and keeps it matte and oil free at the same time. I reviewed previously Smashbox here

Foundation ~ The new Healthy Foundation with SPF 20 by Physicians Formula. This is my new year discovery and guys I love this foundation. Works great with primes mentioned above. Leaves skin looking healthy and giving a beautiful coverage at the same time. Full review here

Concealer ~ No Filter Concealer by Colourpop. Such a beautiful concealer. Creamy, lightweight and blends well. There will be a separate note on it very soon. But if you didn't try, you have too! It retail at $6! So cheap and so good!

Setting Powder ~ Wet N Wild Photofocus Pressed Powder, yes I do adore this one. I bought it back in the summer but I haven't start using it until recently. Again super affordable! I am on the fence with the foundation but the powder is the bomb! It gives me a satin finish and it is really lightweight.

Bronzer ~ for a while now I been using Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer :) Smells like summer on tropical island and gives a beautiful warmth with out being to dark or to light. Just Perfect..

Highlighter ~ here I have two and I been using Sephora one almost every day! And the funny thing is, it is an eye shadow! Yes I been suing Satin Corest by Sephora as a highlighter and it is freaking stunning ! It gives gorgeous glow! I swear I can't put it down.

The second that comes close is the Wet N Wild Mega Glow Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals. That is the only one I have sadly. I saw that Walgreen's around my work pulled out new WNW products, so I will be getting them soon :) But yeah another affordable and amazing highlight. I use with a wet brush for blinding effect :) 

The last two are Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara and Sacha Fix It Spray.  That Maybelline mascara is the only product I like from Total Temptation line. The packaging is so freaking adorable! Over all I love Maybelline mascaras. This one gives beautiful volume to my lashes. I am preparing note on what I bought form the Temptation collection, I am just not sure when will it be up.  The fixing spray by Sacha Cosmetics, oh boy! this baby holds my makeup like no other! I really really really like it! It gives a nice even mist. It is also great to spray though out the day as well, just like a refreshing mist. 

What did you like in January? 

My happy place ~ My Vanity

Ever since I deepened my passion for makeup I wanted a vanity. But well NYC's apartments are not the biggest, so there was no space for it. 
Long story make it short, a friend of my suggested to put my vanity in a hallway. I have nice long hallway that in fact did fit my vanity. After measuring everything, I went to IKEA and picked up Malm table and 6 Alex Drawer. I set them up in my hallway and well I was half happy. There was absolutely no light in the hallway, but on the other hand my makeup had it home. So I continued on doing my makeup at the kitchen table and vanity was basically another decorative piece of furniture. 

But then around two years ago my sister in law moved out and we had one extra room. We moved Sophia and her hordes of toys out of our bedroom. Yes! I remembered it was Thanksgiving and I was moving everything around! I moved out Sophia's belongings in no time, and then I went ahead and set up my beauty corner. Moved my bed to the middle, on one side there is a night table and on the other longer wall my beauty place. 

So I have my Alex 6 drawers, malm 3 drawers chest, that hold my skin and hair care and then there is my vanity. Outside, in a hallway I still have a book shelf that hold more of my makeup. I been planning to bring it in, but then I dunno I don't want to clutter up my room. So I left it as it is. 

My vanity surfaces changed a lot during that two years.  Right now I have almost the way I want. I still feel like it is missing something hahaha. Telling you girl can never be pleased!  I was browsing ideas/inspirations on Pinterest, but dunno, I will leave it as it is for now. 
I will be getting another Alex drawers for sure, but I can't decided if I want the 9 taller ones, or the 6 one and just stalk it on top of the other one. 
Still trying to decide. 

But anyways here are few pictures of my Vanity. 

This is my current set up. The Lipstick canvas I got from Marshalls for only $25

During Christmas I had my tiny white and gold/rose gold tree in the corner :)

One of my favorite coffee mugs :)

So neat! kinda miss this set up :)

One of my fave pics, Before and After. Trust me this mess is nothing compared to what I had to deal last week!

Right after I moved my vanity to my bedroom :)

My Alex 6 Drawers :) on top almost all my perfumes and the huge PR Package from Pixi

Hope you enjoyed~!

Sneak Peek ~ Anastasia Beverly Hills new "Soft Glam" Eye shadow Palette

I rarely post sneak peek, but my oh my the new ABH palette is breathtaking!
I bet you all see it all over Instagram already. The new baby will launch around March and I am telling you it will be mine. 

Soft Glam is so pretty! very romantic and very well me :)
Soft browns, pastel pinks, peaches, shimmers and mattes.  She is truly a beauty!
 Palette includes 14 shades- 7 brand new, 3 from MR and  ABH singles. 

As you guys can tell I am super excited for this palette. All I now it will be available around March, but not sure with the price, I going to assume it will be around $42 just like the other ABH Palettes. 

* Pictures credit Trendmood1 Instagram. 

Winter Skin Care Routine with Dermae, Clarins and Willing Beauty

*pr sample*

The winter months can be difficult and harsh. And let me tell you NYC winter this year is no joke. For over two weeks temperatures were below 20F. 
And my oily skin become dry and rough. So mainly I focus on hydration and use a lot of hydrating products. 

Here is what I been using during last few weeks 

DermaE Hydrating Cleansing wipes ~ I got them in the mail like two weeks ago I believe. And they are the reason that the post didn't go up two weeks ago, hahaha! I figure if I like them i will include them in here and guess what!? I like them. What I like the most is the cloth itself. It is thick, soft and soaked. It removes my makeup with such an ease! I need only one wipe to clean my entire face and neck. They are what my dry skin needs at the moment. I do like the scent as well. There is a hint of cucumber scent if I am not mistaking.  Each wipe is infused with Hyaluronic Acid that helps condition, soften and smooth skin, leaving it fresh and dewy. Fortified with super fruit extracts like Grape Seed and Maqui Berry, they offer antioxidant protection while keeping skin clean and refresh. Even tho I said they take off makeup I will still no matter what wash my face with cleanser.  ($7.19 at DermaE and Target Website)

DermaE Hydrating Cleanser with Hyaluronic Acid ~ one of two cleansers I been using. I love how convenient it is. Hello pump! It purifies, restores and refreshes my skin. Papaya exfoliates to regenerate the skin, while lemon grass acts as natural astringent to tone and tighten. Hyaluronic Acid binds moisture to the skin for smooth and radiant complexion. I been using it morning and night time. It cleanse very well and works great with my Michael Todd Beauty Soniclean.  It does not strip the skin and it really hydrates it. My skin feels really soft and most of all hydrate. No more itchiness!
I use it to even remove my eye makeup coz its really gentle and non irritating.  ($13.95 Dermae)

My second cleanser is Willing Beauty  Do-Over Nourishing Cleanser. I really like this one. The formula is silky and smooth. Comes out like a balm and later it foams up a bit  and beautifully not only removes left over makeup but also leaves skin hydrated. Leaves no residue and don't strip the skin. I use this one mostly night time coz it removes makeup really good. Especially on the days when I don't use wipes. Definitely a mist have for me this winter. Plus it is great for sensitive skins! ($18, here)

After all the cleansing I go with Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Bi-Phase Serum. I apply it before any moisturizer morning and night time.  A light weight, moisturizing serum designed to nourish with organic leaf of life extract to protect against dehydrating effect that damage the skin, such as sudden temperature change. I use two pumps and apply to my skin. It sinks in right away. My skin feels soft and hydrated! what else can I want? Perfect for the winter months. ($78, Clarins and other retailers like sephora etc)
Along with serum I been suing Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Cooling Gel. I love this guy! I use it all year round. I do love the light scent of it. I really addicted to it hahah ! It have a gel like consistency that sinks into my skin and leaves it hydrated!  After it settles in the skin it leaves it matte. I do like when my skin is matte but lately I need some glow. I am pretty sure I will have a lot of use of this guy during warmer months as well. So if you need boost of hydration this is your duo! Both Clarins products work amazing together. ($48, Clarins and other retailers like Sephora etc)

The last moisturizer I want to mention is DermaE Hydrating Night Creme ~ another must have for me. This is drugstore option and it is budget friendly. This one hella amazing night cream. The formula is a bit thicker and takes some time to sink into the skin. It makes my skin hydrated and soft. Again no irritation. It did calmed my redness and helped with my acne. Creme also have anti-aging properties. My skin loves it and I bet your would too. ($29.50, DermaE)

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