International Ice Cream Day and 3 Places in NYC where you can get a good ice creams :)

Yay! Happy International Ice Cream Day! I mean who don't love ice cream? 
Personally I could have ice cream all day every day if I could, seriously! 

Please just don't ask me what my fave flavor is coz I won't be able to answer it hahaha! I love them all!

Quickly want to tell of of three places in NYC that serves awesome ice creams, are you ready?

Lets start our Ice Cream trip in Chinatown. There are two places here that I absolutely love!

TAIYAKI NYC, located at Baxter Street, right off the Canal Street. Small cute shops that serves ice cream in insta-famous fish waffles. First time me and my daughter went there was in Winter! I know who in the right mind eats ice cream in Winter hahha. But we really wanted to try the Unicorn Ice Cream so bad! so
 don't blame us! 

They have most common flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, matcha. Serve in either cup, cone or fish waffle with either red bean or custard filling, plus you get topping and drizzle :) 

Second time we went there, my daughter got regular vanilla ice cream in fish custard waffle and I got matcha ice cream in matcha cone with condensed milk drizzle! yum!

Second place in Chinatown is STAX Ice Cream and Doughnut Shop right on Grand Street. This place is bigger then Taiyaki. You can easily sit down and enjoy your ice cream. 
And here we have great flavors like Jasmine Milk Tea, Matcha Green Tea, Fruitty Pebbles , 
Cornflake Bourbon and my fave UBE. 

And the best part you can sample your ice cream before ordering! yes! Sophia and I went there twice and we got first time Madagascar Vanilla in pink vanilla cone and I got UBE in matcha cone. Second time Sophia got S'ores in vanilla cone and I got one scoop of UBE and one scoop of Cornflake Bourbon, both times I got condensed milk drizzle. 

another fun thing that you can get ther are doughnuts! Cereal inspired! They are topped with cinnamon squere crunch, fruitty pebbles, nutella etc. Annnnnd if you want you can make a ice cream doughnut sandwich! Haven't try but yum!

Third cool and recently discovered by my ice cream place is located right off 5th ave on 32nd Street. Besfren, Korean dessert place inspired by Korean Fairy Tale :)
Such a cute little place located in the heart of NYC. not only they serve a good ice cream but also rice cakes that are delish! 
But we are here for ice cream people! Me and my bestie from work went out Friday for lunch and got our self an ice cream. Matcha-Taro! yum both flavors are soooo good ! and our ice cream come decorated with a gorgeous flower :) 

So that is it for now! :) I am on a look out for more ice cream places :) I make sure to update you once I find and new spot :)

Colourpop Cosmetics SOL Y MAR eye shadow palettes ~ swatches

Yay! finally my Colourpop order arrived! I ordered new palettes Sol and Mar, as well as Preception palette and as a gratis I got the new 6 pan palette called Makeup Ur Mind, such a cutie!

Anyways I just wanted to a dedicated post on the new 9 pan palettes: Sol and Mar. 
OMG they are even more stunning in person! The colors in both palettes are so beautiful and so pigmented! I am not joking, Colourpop Cosmetics makes such an amazing eye shadows! 

The outside boxes are so pretty! Sol is orange and Mar is blue, just like a ocean. 
Once the palettes are out of the outer packaging, both are square white compact with metallic writings.  Sol have orange metallic writings and sun look alike designs. Mar have blue/teal metallic writings and have like a water waves design. Which makes coz Sol is means sun in Spanish and Mar means Ocean :) So both palettes are inspired by Sun and Ocean and I am so in love with it! ANd the best part? Both palettes have mirror! Woohoo!

Sol Palette ~ beautiful warm toned oranges, corals, browns all in one :) I bet those colors won't look flattering on me but omg for $12 I could not get it. This palette also reminds me of new HUDA Beauty obsession palette, the Coral one :) I don't know the quality of Huda mini palettes but this Colourpop for $12 you can't beat!

* New Digs ~ soft peach 
* Anthem ~ metallic rose gold
* Dynamite ~ dusty orange
* Hotel ~ orang-y copper, metallic

* Motel ~ gorgeous metallic coral (one of my fave)
* B & B ~ soft gold with pinky base
* Floaties ~ metallic bright vibrant orange
* OOO ~ neon orange
* Unwind ~ soft brown 

Now the second palette :) This one was just calling my name :) and its a stunner in real life

Mar Palette ~  this one contains pretty blues, teals, browns, golds. I am living for the blues tho! I feel like my skin  can pull off this one more. I can't wait to try this palette especially.

* EL Ray ~ peachy orange
* Wild One ~ metallic copper
* Detour ~ Ultra blue 
* Boozy ~ bright burnt tangerine orange

* Gridlock ~ bright blue with a green base So gorgeous
* Sorbet ~  peachy beige
* HWY ~ Sea foam green 
* Top Down ~ chocolate brown
* My Way ~ metallic brozne 

What do you guys think? I am in love with both palettes :) Beautiful color selection and reminds me of tropical vacation that i wish I could go one day :)

Annnnd I must say the shades blends so nice and the eye makeup lasted all day without creasing on my eyes. FYI I used Milani eye primer :)

Each palette retails for $12 and you can get them both in a bundle for $24 :)

New! Profusion Cosmetics ~ Daydream Believing Collection ~ Sneak Peak + Swatches

*pr sample*

Last Thursday I was invited to Profusion Cosmetics breakfast event showcasing their new Collection. And you guys all products are a must have!
Fist off all, thank you Profusion for inviting me. The event was such a blast! It was held at Sugar Factory in NYC's Meatpacking District and dang I loved every second of it. Not to mention it was my first time at Sugar Factory. We were sited upstairs and had a breakfast served and it was all top with gorgeous makeup. I really enjoyed listing to Mona talks about Profusion. Its like all the products were her babies and she was just so happy to talk and rave about them, and i ma not surprised!  The new products they they coming out with literally blew my sock off!

What I like the most about Profusion is the quality of the products. They are so good. Eye shadows are so pigmented, they blend like a dream, the colors are stunning. The face palettes same. And the best part is you can get it all with $10 or less! Talk about the makeup on the budget. High end quality for less, sign me up!
Profusion was born over 20 years ago in Southern California and what we were told they been using Profusion makeup on celebrities and all sort of events for years! And the best part is they are cruelty free! 

Now wanna see the new products? Keep on reading :)

I was send with a nice goodie bag home that had few pieces of the new launches. 
But tbh I want more, no I want it all. I am so excited about all the products and I bet they will sell fast and people will be happy!

Lets start with the eye shadow palette. Sienna ~ and as you can see she is a beauty! At my table, girl could not stop talking about it. Sienna is 21 eye shadow palette that comes with dual ended brush and its so pigmented. The colors are just stunning! and the best thing about it? This palette will retails for
$9.99! Guys $10! for super high quality shadows! 

There will be 2 more palettes one is called Chocolates ( I so need it like right now!), that will have a range of earthly shades including rich chocolates, mint greens, decadent golds and deep bronze tones. I know sounds like a dream palette, right? The third eyeshadow palette is Pro Pigment, and it is the pink palette. It will contain combination of shimmery opals, bright pinks and soft, wearable violets. With this palette they got me on shimmering opals :) I personally didn't see it, but it was at the event for sure :) Just out of my reach. But definitely will will be grabbing both as Sienna is so lonely! ahaha she is missing her sisters!

Another big palette that is launching is Sculpt & Glow palette. There will be two of them one lighter one darker. I have lighter one and its called Moonstone Edition and it contains range of radiant shades form pearl to soft pink highlighters and light to medium contour.

  Goldstone Edition is the darker palette that contain shades form peachy to gold highlighters and medium to deep contour. So there is 7 highlighters, two bronzers and pro series brush ~ all for $9.99. 

Lets stick with eye shadow palettes, shall we? There will be 4 different 10 eye shadow palettes coming out and yes I need them all! I only got the "Shimmers" one, and as the name suggests it is all vivid shimmery shadows with  high impact of pops of color from pinks to blues and rich golds. I am a shimmery girl all the way. All metallic, shimmery shades have my names all over it.

They are 3 more palettes in this series: "Royals" ~ I love love love that one. OMG the most beautiful colors ! Contains gorgeous jewel tones. I am so ordering it the minute the collections launches.  "Classics "~ every day palette with multi finish shades ranging from  neutrals to brozne and deep shimmery coppers. Yes "Classics" is another great a must have palette for me. The last one in series is "Mattes" ~ all matte palettes for matte shadow overs. I am not a matter girl but heck I need that palettes, coz Mona loves it and she is so proud of that palette and that matte formula!

So yes this palettes also lands on my wish list. Oh geez who am I kidding I want the whole collection at home with me LOL! Wait did I tell you the price? No ? guys $4.99 for each palette! $4.99 for high pigment palettes! YES!!!!!

Before I moved on on other products I got. Let me quickly mention the palettes I don't have but they also will be launching. All eye shadow palettes. Sorry I didn't take pics of any of it. Coz after breakfast the palettes were all over the place and well it was hard to track them down. Next time I have to arrive early so I can take pics before they all disappear LOL. 
So anyways there will be "9 Piece Eye Defying Kit", design to create captivating eye looks. Available in two color ways:"New Nudes" ~  mix of build able cranberries and warm browns. and  "Orchids"~ selection of berries and orchids.  They will retain for $6.99 each. 
There will also be a "Rose Gold Palette" ~ that I am dying to get! I almost took a pic of it but someone snug it hahaha. BUT wow she is stunner and she will be the size of Sienna palette. There will be 15 eye shadows and 3 blush/highlights and it comes with dual ended brush. It will retail for $9.99. 

Now lets move to face palette I have and the other I don't but as before I need. 
"Blush and Glow" palettes that contain 5 color bush and highlight. Again it will be available in two color way: 1 ~ lighter hues from peachy to opals for light and medium skin tones . 
2 ~ rich shades from roses to honeys for medium to deep skin tones .

I have the version 1 and wow the blushes are so perfect and so wearable! I do need to pick up the version 2 just coz :)

There also will be a "Luminizer" ~ 5 shade highlighter palette and I am so ordering both! Anything highlight I want. I am a highlighter junkie all the way. again this will be available in two versions:
1 ~ tones form icy pearls to champagne peaches.
2 ~ golden shades, for a touch of 24k inspired looks.

Just fyi, the 2nd version have this gold gold highlighter that someone mention might be a perfect dupe for Rihanna's Trophy Wife. I personally don't own that highlighter from Fenty, but after hearing that I will get the 2nd version of this palette. 

The prices for Blush and Glow and Luminizer palettes is ... drum rolls please.... $ 4.99 each! Yes now go and shop for it! 

Also there is also one more face palette. 5 piece defining kit ($6.99) will include highlight, blush and brozner. and it will come with a brush. 
Two version: "Sunlight" ~ neutral shades and "Stardust" gold infused highlighters and contours with berry undertones. 
Again sorry, lacking the pictures. 

I got two more mentions and I will be done. 
Profusion is launching lip sets "Lips-To-Go" in 7 different colors. Each set includes: lip liner, matte liquid lipstick and a high shine, shimmery lip gloss/lip topper. I have one or two sets of this set already and I must say that they are amazing! the lip liner glides on so good and its so creamy. Liquid lipstick stays on the whole day and the lip topper adds sparkle, which I adore. From the event I brought the red set and OMG its so juicy! I love red lips! 

like I said there will be 7 in total launching:
* Dream ~ pinky nude
* Secret ~ nude mauve
* Charm ~  mauve taupe
* Imagine ~ deep purple
* Ambitious ~ vibrant purple 
* Passion ~ true red
* Fantasy ~ deep merlot 

the set will retail for $4.99 each 

The last but not least is the brow kit. 8 piece kit that include 5 pc brow palettes with primer and dual ended brush, brow pencil, clear brow gel and tweezers. available in 2 shades: Light to Medium and Medium to Deep . Retail $6.99

So what do you all think? I am personally excited it for this beautiful collection. Plus it is so affordable it wont break my bank.  I also heard about the Christmas and future collection and I am already excited! The collection will officially launch July 3rd on and Targes in stores and online. 

Here is few more pictures from the event :) Tables set up and some pretty flower arrangement I got to take home 

 Mona, showing the Rose Gold Palette

 You can see here the 5 pc face palettes and the 9 pc eye shadow palettes

 In the back the Chocolates Palette , and some new lippie colors

 Flowers I took home :)

 Small arrangement and Insta-worthy Milkshake! YUm!

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